Note: We do have a Live Feed Feature, which can be found under the Visual Shopping header. That said, the Live Feed feature does not support Product Tags.

Sauce is designed to be a curated feed of your Instagram items that relate to products that can be purchased. As such, your regular Sauce profile will not automatically update with your new Instagram posts.

Adding new items from your Instagram feed

  1. Click on the New tab

  2. Ensure you are on the Instagram tab

  3. Select from your recent Instagram Media for items you would like to add

Your new item will appear in the Added tab and be visible to your customers in both your Sauce profile page and shoppable embeds.

Note that when you add UGC media to your Sauce feed, it will be inserted to the top of your feed - thus you have previously added Instagram media will follow it. Please be sure you have read the Sauce Overview to better understand what Sauce can do for you.

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