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Getting started

A quick guide to Sauce and getting started on your shoppable feeds

Sauce TV

Your Brand's Own Netflix-Style Shoppable Video Hub

Visual Shopping

Use these guides to help you optimise your sale funnel conversions using Visual Shopping and Shop social experiences + learn how to get the look you want for your brand.

User Generated Content

Capture real user content and turn it into conversion boosting shopping experiences. Run campaigns that reward customers for spreading the word about your brand on their Instagram


If you are a Brand or an Agency managing paid or gifting Influencer Campaigns and are using Sauce, this collection of articles explain: Influencer search and identification, Influencer selection and shortlisting, Influencer Campaign tracking and attribution.

FAQ and troubleshooting

Fixes to some of the most commonly occurring issues and easy ways on how to resolve them

Advanced marketing techniques

How to power up your marketing, boost conversion rates and engage prospective customers using time proven methods

Pro tips

Track how many conversions are made through your shoppable social content.

Working with: Shopify

From how to embed your Sauce embeds to using your sales conversion code in your checkout, these tutorials will help you make the most of your Shopify store

Working with: WooCommerce and WordPress

WooCommerce is the e-commerce (shop) plugin for Wordpress. Sauce supports an integration for easy conversion tracking and Product Live links for easy Hotspot creation

Working with: BigCommerce
Working with other platforms: Magento, Squarespace etc

Articles on how to connect with and utilise Sauce on the following platforms: Magento, Squarespace, SupaDupa, Lightspeed, Etsy etc

eCommerce shop integrations

Connecting your store to your visual shopping feed: Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, SupaDupa, Etsy & others