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Why don't my product links show up in Instagram?
Why don't my product links show up in Instagram?
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Instagram does not provide the means to push product links directly into Instagram and thus this is not part of the Sauce offering.

So, the only way to get your followers to click through to a product is via the profile link. The statistics we are getting show that brands who use their profile link to direct their Instagram followers to a "sandwich page" enjoy much higher sales conversion rates ranging between 3% to 8%. Those who direct their profile link to their home page or, a page not representative of their Instagram feed (as the source of the traffic) are much *less* successful with sales conversion rates ranging in the 0.5% - 1.2%.

I should also mention that you can choose whether to then send the visitor to your Sauce profile page OR, to a page on your own website which has your shoppable Instagram feed embedded into it.

If you haven't already come across embeds, here's a step by step video that shows you how to use them:
โ€‹Note: Video does not contain audio.

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