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Tag & sync your products for Instagram Shopping: How it works
Tag & sync your products for Instagram Shopping: How it works

Start creating shoppable Instagram posts in seconds, without having to fuss over them & sync Product Tags across your store and Instagram.

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Keeping Instagram updated is a burden most store owners face. With so many photos and videos to go through, it is tough to find the right ones and then tag them with shoppable products in-store and then do it all over again to make your Instagram shoppable.

What if I told you that there is a tool that can take away the pain of creating shoppable Instagram posts and keep them in sync with all your shoppable galleries on your website?

All you have to do is sync your product catalogue with Sauce, tag them in photos and videos and go live on Instagram. Your store and Instagram shop tags stay in sync.

Product Tags for Instagram shopping

If you have Instagram Shop, you are now able to manage your Product Tags directly here on Sauce and automatically stay in sync with your Instagram account. This means:

  • Items added to your Sauce feed from Instagram will automatically include the Product Tags you have added from within the Instagram App

  • Product Tags added to your Sauce Items from within the Sauce Media Library will automatically sync back to Instagram

What you need:

  1. An Instagram Business account

  2. Instagram shopping enabled for your Instagram account

  3. Connect to your Instagram Shop

How it works:

Start by first connecting your Instagram Shop:

The connection will let you tag products directly for Instagram and will keep your web store and Instagram shopping in sync.

Make sure to accept the connection's permissions. e.g.

Choose your media and tag as normal:

Please note the following:

  • At present, due to an issue with the Instagram API, Deleting a Product Tag on Sauce will not have the Product Tag on Instagram deleted. Thus for a Product Tag deletion, you will need to perform this action within the Instagram App.

  • The Syncing of Product Tags only applies to your own Instagram Media - Tags on Media Uploads and UGC content will remain on Sauce only.

  • At present, Carousel Posts on Instagram are not supported and thus will not stay in sync with your Product Tags on Sauce.


  1. How often will my tags sync between Sauce shoppable galleries and Instagram shopping?
    All tags are synced from Instagram every 24 hours. However, when making changes to Product Tags on Sauce, your tags will be updated every 3 minutes.

  2. When I add a new post or video from my 'New' tab will the product tags be included?
    Yes, adding any new media that contains one or more product tags will be brought in with all corresponding tags. If you're using Product Page Galleries these will automatically show on the relevant product page.

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