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How to Add Videos and Photos to Your 'Shop' App's Product Pages
How to Add Videos and Photos to Your 'Shop' App's Product Pages

Learn to publish videos and photos on Shop app product pages using Sauce. Tag items, manage content, and engage customers effectively.

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Sauce has teamed up with Shopify, enabling brands like yours to easily integrate shoppable videos and photos into your Shop store. It’s both free and straightforward!

What is Shop?

Shop is Shopify's dedicated mobile shopping app, which boasts a user base of over 100 million buyers. It's designed specifically to drive traffic to your store, helping to boost your sales.

In this guide, you'll discover how to set up and refresh product page feeds on your Shop store whenever you like.

Remember, tagging is your secret sauce! It’s what makes your store pop with those catchy videos. Skip this step, and alas, Sauce can't work its magic to showcase your videos in the Shop store.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Tag Products:Tag your Shopify products in the Sauce library's videos and photos to link them correctly. Once you've tagged these items, or if you already have tagged products in your media library or Instagram, you're set to go.

  2. Navigate to Shop Tab: Open the Sauce app and go to the "Shop" tab to preview how your media shows up in the Shop app

  3. Publishing your media: Once you give Sauce the necessary Shopify permissions, any tagged photos and videos in your library will automatically publish and update in Shop.

  4. Update Feed: To add new videos, tag them in the Sauce library. Your Shop media will sync automatically.


  • Aim to tag at least four videos per product to enhance your customers' shopping experience.

  • Explore new content through your New > UGC (User-Generated Content) tab to find and add media in which you've been tagged. Sort this media by 'Highest Engagement' to identify the most popular posts, which can indicate their quality and performance. Ensure to tag these items with relevant products in your media library.

  • Use the 'Fewest product tags' dropdown filter to identify media that you may have overlooked or that could be tagged with multiple products but haven't been tagged yet.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sauce and Shopify Integration

  1. What is the Sauce and Shopify integration?

    The Sauce Shop partnership allows Shopify brands to embed shoppable videos directly on their online and mobile stores via the Sauce app, enhancing their multi-channel marketing efforts.

  2. What is the Shop app?

    The Shop app, created by Shopify, is a free mobile application available on both iOS and Android platforms. It enhances the shopping experience by allowing customers to explore and buy products from their favorite Shopify stores. Customers can also track their orders and get real-time updates on shipments. Additionally, the app offers personalized recommendations tailored to users' browsing and purchase history, helping them discover new items they might like.

  3. How can I start using shoppable videos on my store?

    Ensure you are eligible for Shop and opted into the Sauce platform through Shopify, then tag your products in videos within the Sauce library to feature them on your store and Shop product pages. If you do not wish to be listed on the Shop app, you can manage your listing settings in the Shop channel.

    To enhance your brand's visibility on the app and establish Shop as a new channel, we recommend adhering to the guidelines outlined in this blog.

    For additional details for merchants, please visit: Shopify Shop

  4. What is Sauce Social Commerce?

    Sauce is a social commerce app that integrates social media elements with your online shopping, allowing users to engage with and purchase products directly through a seamless, interactive platform. The app aims to enhance shopping experiences across the buyer funnel by leveraging social interactions, making it easier for users to discover and buy products based on recommendations and trends shared within their network.

  5. What does it cost to use this feature?

    There are no additional charges for this feature; it is included as part of your existing Sauce service.

  6. How do I manage my video content?

    Add, tag, and sync videos through the Sauce dashboard to display them on your product detail pages.

  7. How do I remove a videos from my store?

    You can pause or remove videos from your store via the Sauce dashboard.

  8. What results should I expect?

    While results can vary, videos and User Generated Content typically increase engagement and sales by making products more discoverable and shoppable directly through the app. You can review your results in detail from your Sauce Launchpad and your Media Sales and Reports menu for more detailed insights.

For more detailed support and guidance, reach out to Sauce support directly. We're ready to spice up your day with solutions!

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