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Adding shoppable Product Tags to your photos and videos.
Adding shoppable Product Tags to your photos and videos.

This article explains how to tag your photos and videos using product page URLs.

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Your product tags are shown on an image as visual shopping Hotspots which allow your customers to shop the look of a photo or browse for more information about it. Use the product tags to get your customers to see how your products look on other customers or influencers and inspire them through lifestyle shots or videos.

If you are using Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, SupaDupa or Etsy click through to this guide to help you add product tags from your connected eCommerce product catalog and store.

Tagging your photos and video with a URL

To start adding product tags, choose an image or video from any section of your Media Library grids:

  • Added

  • New > Instagram

  • New > UGC (@mentions, people tagged and tracked #hashtagged media)

  • New > Uploads (upload your own photos)

Hover over the image and click on "Add / edit media"

To manually add one or more product tags, click the + icon in the pop up. Then paste in the URL of the product you would like to add to the image.

If you are tagging products from any directly supported platform you will be able to search for products by name. See this guide for more info.

This will add a number to the image. This can be moved by clicking and dragging. Hit Save and you have added a product tag or webpage link.

Your hotspots can be dragged around on your photo or video to be moved closer to the relevant part of the image.

What your customers see

When customers hover over a visible hotspot it reveals the product it is linked to.

When a customer clicks on a photo or video they'll see it in a 'Lightbox view'.
Your product will appear with all of the relevant product information including 1. Product images, 2. Price, 3. Title and direct product page links:

The data shown will be based on the 'Open Graph' (OG) and Schema meta data your product pages should contain. If you find that some or all of your product information is missing or showing incorrectly then please consult with your web development team to have this corrected by examining the the OG and Schema data of the page.

If you wish to hide your hotspot...

To turn off your hotspot turn your "Show hotspot" toggle off. This applies only when there is just 1 product tagged in an image or video. Hotspots automatically show for multiple products

To turn on the numbered hotspots click Edit Product Links and use the toggle below.ย 

Now you have added Hotspots to your:

  • Instagram photos and videos

  • User Generated Content for tagged, @mentioned, or #hashtagged media

  • Custom uploads

it's time to create a gallery!

Check out this Gallery guide to help you pick the right gallery for you :)

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