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Getting Started with Product Page Galleries
Getting Started with Product Page Galleries

This article explains what are Product Page Galleries and how to install them.

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Product Page Galleries (PPG) allow you to turn your Instagram content, User Generated Content, and Influencer Content into Social Proof inside the most important part of your sales funnel, your product page.

See the example showing a row of Influencers for NakedWolfe.

Similar to product reviews, User Generated Content, Influencer content, your own Instagram photos and any of your Custom Uploads, photos and videos are displayed alongside the product item on your product page, to inspire purchase decision and increase sales conversions.

Other examples below:

Your photos and videos will be automatically filtered to show only media containing the product shown on the page.

Customers can click to "complete the look" by seeing other products shown in the photo or video.

In this example image contains multiple items of jewellery. Each of the products can be clicked through to their product page where the customer can then see more details and purchase them.

Typical use case for the 'complete the look' for swimwear is the ability to show top and bottom complimentary items:

Example shows the use of the 'Carousel' style of gallery in a product page.

Complete the look for fashion gives customers outfit ideas, a sense of context and how the product actually looks in an everyday setting.

Tagging photos and videos for Product Page Galleries uses the same product tags you've applied as hotspots to photos and videos you've added or edited into your Added section of your Media Library.

Provided you have added hotspots and product links to your Media Library your image updates in PPG’s are automated. To determine which image or video belongs to which product Sauce will match the product URL with the URL used in each product-tagged photo.

Embed once and the rest is automated:
Once you have pasted the embed code into your product page template Sauce does the rest of the work for you.

Getting started

Step 1:
From your Visual Shopping menu go to Product Page Galleries

You will then be taken to the Product Page Galleries customization page - 

Here you can use the settings on the left to customize what customers see on your product page.

Your back office Product Page Galleries preview will show you one of your products (picked at random) with the associated social content underneath it.

Get the look you want

You can choose from different Gallery styles. The gallery will expand or contract automatically depending on how many pieces of content you have for each of your products.

Important!- if you have not tagged any products yet, the Product Page Gallery will be blank.

Here you will also be able to update the appearance and display logic settings.

Product Page Galleries that have an insufficient number of images (e.g. to fill a row) wi have a new fallback option. The fallback option will give you the ability to autofill additional images / videos / reels in the row for a more complete look.

These are the new 4 autofill options:

  • Autofill with the most recent media

  • Autofill with most popular media

  • Autofill with highest converting media

  • Autofill with your selected gallery

Step 2:

Copy the embed code and paste into the Product page template where you would like the gallery to appear.

If you're using Shopify, check out this guide. If you are unsure of where to paste this code, please get in touch with us (we provide an installation service) or your theme developer.

Product Page Galleries

  • Is the media in Product Page Galleries tracked?
    Can I tell which are my best-performing photos and videos?
    Yes, Product Page Galleries have analytics tracking events built into them so you’ll be able to track everything from clicks to conversions and see them as per usual by clicking on ‘Analytics’ in your Dashboard.

  • Will new photos be updated automatically?
    All media that appears on your product pages will be continually updated as you add and tag more products in your Media Library > Added section.

  • Where is the best place to embed my Product Page Gallery?
    The optimal product page placement to show Social Proof in your product pages is just below the main product photos or included under the product description. e.g.

  • How effective is Social Proof? Can I measure it?
    Showing Social proof on your product pages has been shown to be 8x more effective in supporting customer purchase decisions than a page without it. Conversion rates vary widely depending on your vertical and other website factors but in general, the advantage is noticeable across most products sold. You can install the conversion tracking code to track the performance of these pages and the specific media that inspires their purchases.

  • Are Product Page Galleries mobile compatible?
    As with all our shoppable galleries, Product Page Galleries work seamlessly on any screen size including small mobile devices. The gallery is fully responsive and will automatically detect the device used by the customer and adjust itself accordingly. Images are swipe gestures enabled to allow for optimal user experience. see example:

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