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Adding product tags from Connected eCommerce Platforms and non-connected custom stores
Adding product tags from Connected eCommerce Platforms and non-connected custom stores

When using Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, SupaDupa, Etsy & other integrated eCommerce platforms tagging your products is much simpler

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Sauce's product tagging is fully integrated with your product catalogue making it easier to tag products in your photos and videos.

Getting started

  1. Make sure you are already connected with your store.
    If you haven't already done so connect your store here:
    Main menu > Account details > Connected accounts:

*If you are not on one of these platforms or, you are running a custom store set up you can still tag all of your products using a direct URL. Please see the section 'Product tagging for non-connected stores'

The following platforms are currently supported with direct integrations:

Other direct product catalogue integrations are in the works and please reach out with yours.

If you are using another e-commerce platform, see this guide on how to add your product links. 

Once you have connected...

your product catalogue, it makes adding product tagging so much easier! You are able to add product tags to images and videos by typing in the name of the product as it is listed in your store rather than having to add the URL. 

From your media library click on any photo or video to Add or Edit media

Add a new product tag using the + icon or edit an existing product tag by clicking on the URL or Product name text box.

Start typing the name of the product you wish to tag and choose it from the list.

Start typing the name of your product and choose it from the list

Click to save when you are done with any other product tags.

What your customers see

Your products are now tagged in the image or video and will appear in the lightbox view when a customer clicks that image or video:

*Adding product tags from non-connected custom stores

For stores that are not on any of our integrated platforms or if you're running a proprietary eCommerce website using its own custom infrastructure the process is identical but instead of searching for the product by name you can add it by URL

As with the direct product catalogue integration, your product will appear with all of the relevant product information including 1. Product images, 2. Price, 3. Title and direct product page link:

The data shown will be based on the 'Open Graph' (OG) and Schema metadata your product pages should contain. If you find that some or all of your product information is missing or showing incorrectly then please consult with your web development team to have this corrected by examining the OG and Schema data of the page.

Find out more about product tagging by URL here.

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