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Your brand #hashtag: Track and add UGC photos and videos that have #hashtagged your brand
Your brand #hashtag: Track and add UGC photos and videos that have #hashtagged your brand

Hashtag tracking let's you turn photos and videos posted by your fans and Influencers into visual shopping and social proof in your store.

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A Must in Every Digital Marketers' Toolbox:

Hashtag tracking allows you to find photos and videos containing your hashtags across millions of users on Instagram. Brands who have created custom hashtags for certain campaigns, contests, or promotions can find the relevant photos, videos, and conversations grouped together and ready to be added to their visual shopping. Hashtag tracking provides a straightforward way to group your User Generated Content together and enrich your brand’s Social Proof in your sales funnels.

In your Sauce dashboard, you can track any #hashtag associated with your brand or with a specific campaign you are running (e.g. #aloyoga, #jcrewstile #zarajeans #icebucketchallenge #yogachallenge, etc.). Let Sauce find those posts and let you pick the ones you want to feature in your store or website.

Getting started with hashtag tracking

In your Media library click on New > UGC > enter your brand #hashtag you wish to find posts for the 'Tracked hashtags' text box and click on 'Add'.

e.g. say you were tracking the hashtag: #aloyoga you will automatically be presented with all the posts and images that have that specific #hashtag in their caption. Please note that it can take up to an hour to retrieve all the content of a specific hashtag.

We retrieve 500 of the most recent posts and images with the specified hashtag. (get in touch if you wish to extend the number of posts fetched).

Adding hashtag media to your galleries

Once the content is retrieved, select any image you wish to use by hovering over the image and clicking on 'Add media'.

Add the relevant web link and product tags to your photo or video to make it appear in your Shoppable Galleries, Product Page Galleries or Shop the Look Cards.

The post you have selected will be automatically attributed to the original creator.

You can edit the original caption text by clicking into it.

The UGC media grid including tracked hashtag content can also be sorted by:

FAQs: Tracked hashtags

How often are my hashtags refreshed?

Hashtags are refreshed every 24h or whenever you log into your dashboard and click into the Edit feed > New > UGC grid.

Why am I not seeing a specific post that uses my hashtag?

There are a few reasons why you may be not be seeing an expected post in the UGC tab, despite having come across it on Instagram:

  • We only have access to posts where the hashtag is used in the caption, not where the hashtag has been used in a comment

  • We can access posts in 'Top Media', but only 'Recent Media' as far as the last 24 hours. Once we are tracking a hashtag, it will include all media going forwards, but we are limited in how far back we can go initially.

How does user attribution work?

The creator of the original post is credited in your visual shopping embeds wherever the post is shown. Your call to action should imply that by using your branded #hashtag the originator of the post may be featured in your feed. One common approach is to say "Tag your posts with @yourbrand #yourhashtag for a chance to be featured in our feed". To comply with privacy and GDPR best practice we do not store the user's media. In the case that they choose to delete their post it will also automatically delete it from your own feeds.

Can the post's caption text be changed?

Yes, you can edit some or all of the original post's caption text.

How do I create a gallery using a subset of my media e.g. all products of a particular color or style?

In your Shoppable Galleries, you can create custom galleries that are filtered by #hashtag that can be set up to show a subset of your photos and videos. i.e. you can limit the media shown in a gallery by the hashtag contain in the caption text. This guide explains how.

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