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How to upload your own photos

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Ever wanted to upload your very own photos as an added source of photographic content as well as using your Instagram and UGC content? Now you can!

Under your Shop The Feed menu you'll find a new 'Custom Uploads' section where you can upload your own images and then tag them with the relevant product information as you do with your UGC and Instagram media.

Take your High resolution images to another level by creating beautiful Fashion Lookbooks or Shop the look cards in blogs and editorial pages.

Custom Uploads will give you the flexibility of adding images that you might not want to post directly into your Instagram feed. Use them as interactive shop the look cards or customised shoppable galleries in editorial layouts like this:


Use your own images to enrich Product Page Galleries or create beautiful landing pages to enhance your customer experience on your site.

Go check out Custom Uploads.

Using multiple stores with Sauce?

If you have multiple sub-accounts with us, using one for each region for example - your Media Uploads pool is shared between the accounts. The media will automatically be added to the Sauce feed of the account you are on, and then when viewing another account, you'll see the un-actioned uploads with a red marker as follows, ready to be added to that sub-account if desired:

As always reach out to us if you have any questions or need help with the installation of the Sauce widget.

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