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How to add Shoppable Galleries to any page of your website or webstore
How to add Shoppable Galleries to any page of your website or webstore
A step-by-step guide to adding shoppable galleries and social proof to your online store, landing pages, and sales funnels.
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Adding visual shopping to your webstore gives customers new ways to shop your products. You can also use Influencer Marketing and the content produced by your Influencers + User Generated Content (UGC) as part of your content strategy in your store. Similar to the way reviews assure customers of their purchase decisions when customers see your products worn and demo'ed in other people's photos and videos it raises their "Purchase Confidence" and their propensity to buy. These micro customer brand testimonies are what is commonly referred to as Social Proof.

There are 3 main types of Visual Shopping experiences brands add to their store:

  1. Shoppable Galleries
    A Grid, Carousel, or Mosaic styled collection of photos and videos that can be added to your homepage, collection pages, landing page, and lookbooks.

  2. Product Page Galleries
    An auto-filtered, product-specific Grid, Carousel, or Mosaic styled collection of photos and videos added to your Product Page template. The set of images and videos automatically shows only media belonging to the product being viewed by the customer.

  3. Shop the Look Cards
    An individual shoppable photo or video card that can be added to blog articles, editorial pages, and sections of your website to replace static images with "shoppable images".

This article explains how to add Shoppable Galleries to your store:

1. Shoppable Galleries

This is an example of a shoppable gallery using the 'Grid' style

When a customer clicks on one of the images or videos in the grid they see the 'lightbox' view containing tagged products in the image with direct links to buy them from their product pages.

Getting started with Shoppable Galleries

  1. In your dashboard click on the top menu:
    Shop the Feed > select Shoppable galleries

2. Get the look you want

Within the left-hand settings menu, you can customise the gallery's display settings and appearance.

Changing the settings on the left will reflect in the preview on the right:

All images are clickable and will show you what your customers will see in your store:

3. Adding the gallery to your website

Copy the embed code ready to be embedded onto any page of your website.

Paste the code into the HTML box within the content of your webpage.

Click to save the page. Your Shoppable Gallery has now been embedded onto the page and you should be able to browse the gallery on the front end of your website.

** There is no need to re-embed the code, this code will stay the same even if you make changes to your gallery. You can go back and update the gallery settings and the changes will automatically be made to the live webpage you have embedded it into.**

Example below shows Shopify's page editor:

Your gallery will continue to update automatically as you add more shoppable photos and videos to it.

**TIP** If the design needs to be updated, make any changes within Shoppable Galleries. The code will not need to be updated, the changes will automatically be reflected wherever the widget has been embedded.

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