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Customise the Shoppable Gallery Design
Customise the Shoppable Gallery Design

Customise your shoppable gallery with these options.

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This option will be available if you have selected Custom Gallery. Within Shoppable Galleries you are able to customise the look and feel so that you can embed it anywhere on your website. Have a read through the different options and what they mean. 

Gallery - Four options. There are three core styles (Grid, Stack, Carousel). You then have the option to add a custom gallery and enter a name. e.g. 'shoes homepage' This gives you the option to create multiple galleries with different settings and save them separately. 

Grid - a regular set of equal rows and columns grid of images that displays every image as a square.

Carousel - a single animated row of images

Stack - a masonry style grid that displays images in their original height and width ratios

Custom - ability to create an additional gallery, choosing one of the themes above. This you will be required to rename. 

Theme - Two options here, either black or white for the background of the pop up when a customer has interacted with the image, i.e. product cards. Take into consideration the website design and also brand identity. 

Style - This option will be available if you have selected Custom Gallery. 

Rows & Columns - The number of rows and columns of content you want to load within the shoppable gallery. Infinite will make the shoppable widget responsive to whichever screen the customer uses to view your site. 

Gutter Width - The distance between the images within your display. The amount of white space. 

Rounded Corners - Alter the images to have rounded or square corners. Think about the design of the rest of your website, look at the other containers and images, match the settings to the rest of your design. 

Outer Margin - The space around the outside of your shoppable embed. 

Filter By Hashtag - Allows you to create a display which focuses on a specific group of content via Hashtag. Add in a hashtag to see what your shoppable gallery would look like by adding something like #winter, #aw17collection or #london. 

Show more images - Allows you to have a 'load more' button for your shoppable gallery, if you don't want the infinite scroll.
This feature will not work if 'rows' is set to infinite - it must be set to 1 row or more. 

Once you have updated these settings, all thats left is to start embedding your shoppable widgets onto your website :)

Take a look at this guide for how to embed shoppable galleries onto your site.

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