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How to add shoppable email galleries into your email campaigns

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Ever wondered how to increase email engagement rates and encourage readers to take some sort of action? Simply add User Generated Content into your existing and future email campaigns.

Sauce allows you to tailor your visual marketing for email to generate a unique reader experience for product launches, new collection announcements and inspo style email. Email galleries allow you to customise shoppable email snippets that you can embed into your standard email blocks and use to inspire subscribers and boost sales by showcasing your products and tagging them in your UGC galleries adding social shopping and social proof into any email campaign.

Step 1.

In your Visual Shopping menu click on Email Galleries

Step 2.

Click to Create a new gallery and give your email gallery a name (e.g. Welcome email)

Step 3.

In your Email gallery you can select the images you wish to use.

You can choose from:


Autofill will automatically fill your gallery based on the latest media in your Added Media Library. In the Apply filters section you can also apply filters to limit the display of media based on their source or the hashtags used in their caption text.

Manual selection

Manual selection allows you to manually select your gallery media by clicking the the [✚] icon on any image cell in your gallery to add new media.

To remove an image click on the [✚] icon again and replace it with the image you wish to use instead.

Tip: In your media selector easily find the images you wish to use by searching their caption text in the Search caption box (shown highlighted below):

Step 4.

Styling & customisation of your shoppable email gallery:

Match the look of your brand email for a seamless shopping experience.

In 'Customise look & feel' choose the email layout you wish to use from Grid, Mosaic or Portrait. You can then play with the number of rows and columns and the gutter width to get the look you wish to use in your email galleries.

Step 5.

You can add images that are already tagged with products. When customers click on on an image they'll be automatically directed to the associated product. Please note that if you have multiple tags on an image, the first tag will be used by default when clicked. (One link per image).

You can also opt to use your tagged images or not by disabling the 'Use clickable image?' green button

And you can add a fallback URL so that untagged media will link to your chosen fallback URL.

As an option you can override product links to prioritise the fallback url. e.g. A specific landing page on your site.

Step 6.

Once you're happy with the images and layout scroll to the top and copy the Email block embed and head to your email provider (e.g. Klaviyo, Mailchimp, HubSpot, Gorgias etc.) and paste it into a 'Source' block there.

Step 7.

We'll use Klaviyo as an example... (the following steps work across all email platforms that support HTML blocks. This simply means that your email provider provide a way for you to insert a block of HTML source code into your email template.

This capability is completely standard across most email service providers.

e.g. here is a small selection of just some of the platforms we support: MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Omnisend, Constant Contact, Sendinblue, Hubspot, MailerLite, AWeber, Drip and others....

In your Klaviyo (or other email provider) dashboard open the email flow or email template you wish to edit:

Select the email you wish to edit and open the editor:

Drag a new text block into your email

Click on the Text block to edit it:

In the text editor click on the option called 'Source'.

The source option allows you to paste in the HTML code you copied from step 6.

Delete any example text from the source block and paste in the email block code you copied in Step 6.

Click to Save your changes and you should see your gallery appear in the email.

- If you need to change the gallery delete this code and paste in your new code.

Your shoppable email gallery is now ready to send.

Assuming you have enabled clickable images, customers clicking on your gallery will be taken to the corresponding product pages for each image.

*Optionally you can override the direct product links by specifying a 'Fallback URL' and toggling the 'Override product links' to ON in your your gallery settings.

Well done! You have added email galleries into your Klaviyo campaign!

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