How to use Visual Shopping?

3 steps you need to do to transform your Instagram feed into Dynamic Shoppable Galleries for your online store.

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Visual shopping transforms any Instagram feed into Dynamic Shoppable Galleries that have incredible thumb-stopping power, increasing basket size and boosting sales by giving your customers Shopper Confidence.

Step 1.

Tag your photos and videos with your products

Before you customize the look of your shoppable galleries you must first tag the images you wish to make shoppable with the products that they feature.

Images and videos can be added to your Media Library's Added section by clicking on 'Manage Media & Tags' in your Visual Shopping menu:

Your 'Added' section shows your photos and videos that have been added in from your Instagram feed, User Generated Content, or your own Uploads.

Click 'New' in your Media library option box to add more media from:

  • Instagram: This is your own Instagram feed

  • UGC: User Generated Content are posts and videos that other people have tagged you in and a powerful source of Social Proof that boosts conversion in your Product Pages

  • Uploads: You can upload your own high res photos to be tagged with your products.

To add an image to your Media Library from any grid hover over it and click on the blue 'Add Media' button:

Tag your image with one of more products by copy-pasting your product page URL into the URL box provided:

Alternatively, if you are already fully connected (supported platforms include: Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, SupaDupa, Etsy) with your eCommerce store you can more simply search by the product's name:

Tag as many photos and products as you wish. You can add more tagged images as new ones become available in your Instagram feed, User Generated Content, and your own uploads.

Move on to step 2 to customize the look of your galleries.

Step 2.

Customize the look and feel of your galleries

You can control the design of your galleries by clicking on the gallery type you wish to edit in your Visual Shopping menu >:

  • > Shoppable Galleries: Embed these into your home page, landing pages, and look books

  • > Product Page Galleries: Embed these into your Product Template

  • > Shop the Look Cards: Embed individual shoppable looks into Blog articles and landing pages

  • > Live Feeds: Embed this anywhere on your site for a live feed of your Instagram

There are tons of customization options, these are the main ones:

  • Color settings

  • Grid settings i.e. Carousel, Grid, Mosaic, and Stacked options

  • Call to action text

  • and more...

You can control the number of rows and columns you wish to display and much more.

You can feel free to try out any setting and see it take effect in your galley. All settings are reversible so don't be afraid to experiment with your choices.

Sort the position of each image by dragging it into position:

Once this is done the next step is to embed the gallery on your

  • Homepage

  • as a separate Insta Shop Page

  • Product Page Galleries

  • Shop the Look Cards

Move on to step 3. to embed your shoppable gallery

Step 3.

How to embed Sauce in your store

Start by copying the code for the gallery you have just made...

Once you have embedded the code into your desired page (see suggested options below) you can continue to edit your galleries and the changes will take effect without re-needing you to do this again.

You can now embed the code into any page... some suggestions below:

Product Page Galleries are specifically made for:

Product Pages

Visual shopping will keep your customers engaged by bringing your brand to life through visual inspiration and product discovery. An increase in 'Shopper confidence' is helping brands optimize conversions using User Generated Content (UGC) and Social Proof that produces a 1.48X average uplift on basket size.

Reach out to us if you need help and want to make the most out of your Visual Shopping

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