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Instagram New Shopping Service
Instagram New Shopping Service

Shopping on Instagram - best practices.

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Instagram's shopping service allows retailers to tag their images with product links in a similar way to Sauce. 

There are a few hoops you have to jump through and a couple of restrictions for using this service - 

  • Shopping on Instagram is only available for approved businesses in certain countries. 

  • You need to have all of your products listed in a Facebook catalogue

  • The new feature is only through Instagram mobile directly

  • You can only add 5 product tags per image with the Instagram shopping service

  • Instagram is the only platform allowed to add tags to Instagram feeds

  • Your business must be physical goods that comply with Instagram's merchant agreements

Once you have met these requirements, great news! 

While the new Shopping update will make shopping directly from your Instagram feed possible, retailers have smartly not abandoned the usual tips and tricks used to help customers find the products they want via their social platforms by using Sauce on their bio link and as an embed on their site adding social content to sell more effectively online.

Let your customers discover your products on your website and on the product page! 

Sauce widget allows you to make your Instagram feed shoppable anywhere on your site, on your homepage, on an Instagram shop page, as Shop the look cards, as Product page galleries, and more...

Above is an example of Product Page Galleries used by the brand BRUNA

Take a look at this guide on how to leverage all the hard work of styling, shooting, and posting photos on your Instagram and increase the potential reach of your content. 

  • Sauce helps you attract, engage and convert customers by adding social proof on your website and on your product pages.

  • Create a display on your homepage so that customers view products in their natural environment. Visual reviews work!

  • Sauce can add more than 5 tags to an image.

  • Sauce’s shoppable social channels make the shopping experience fast and effective.

  • You don’t have to sell physical goods

  • You don’t have to have your own shop. You could just have a blog!

  • Sauce works seamlessly with affiliate links

  • Sauce enables you to take your Instagram feed - the one you have worked so hard on - anywhere:  on your homepage, on a dedicated ‘Instagram shop’ page, on your product page, on your blog, lookbook, shop the look cards... literally anywhere!

  • Sauce offers People Power campaigns

Check out how brands like Fun Socks, Lalabubaby, Young Frank, and Gypsy Beach to mention just a few, are making the most out of these new features! Sauce is loved and trusted by 165K+ brands worldwide.

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