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Why are my latest UGC posts not showing?
Why are my latest UGC posts not showing?
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What you see in the UGC tab of your Media Library may not match what you see in your Instagram account (such as your 'Tagged' images). This can be for the following reasons:

  • Ensure the UGC content you are looking for is recent,
    having been posted in the last 18 months.

  • Instagram does not provide us the needed data for Posts that have copyrighted material or that have been flagged for a copyright violation - this can occur if you have used non-original audio for example. Thus these will not appear within the UGC tab.

  • You may have already actioned the item, which would have it not appear in the UGC tab. Be sure to check your 'Added' and 'Removed' tabs.

  • The order of media within the UGC tab may not match the order you see on Instagram, given that the order in which we receive the item may vary.

  • It can take up to 12 hours for UGC media to appear within the tab. Thus if you believe an item to be missing, please return a little later.

  • Finally, given that Instagram media URLs frequently expire - we automatically trigger a refresh for any images that fail to load. Given this, if you are seeing fewer media than expected - please try again in a few minutes.

Note: UGC content is mostly only retrieved from the point at which you fully connect your Sauce account to your Instagram Professional Account (via your Facebook account). From this point, older Media can, in many cases, still be retrieved and added to your feed via an Influencer lookup.

Tip: Note that you can search by the caption text using the input field at the top left. Try a search for a word or two which appears within the caption of the Instagram Image you are looking for.

If you still believe there to be an error, where a recent UGC post not appearing as you'd expect - please do reach out to us and be sure to include a link to the Instagram post πŸ‘

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