How do I authenticate for UGC tab?

How to see who mentioned you on Instagram

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To get started, in your Media Library multi tab: Click on NEW and then > UGC tab and follow the steps below to authenticate with Facebook.

In a few steps, you’ll be able to access all of the media that has mentioned you with your @brandhandle on their Instagram caption and also all the people that have tagged you in their images.

1️⃣ Connect your Instagram Account to a Facebook Page

To be able to use UGC tab, you must have an Instagram Professional Account, that being, a Creator or Brand account. Your Instagram account is connected via your Facebook Account, and must be connected to a Facebook Page on which you have admin-equivalent permissions.

A Business Instagram Account will already have a connected Facebook Page, but if you have a Creator Account, you will need to either create a Facebook Page, or connect to an existing one. This can be achieved via the Facebook website, or within the Instagram App itself via the following steps:

2️⃣ Head to New > UGC in your Media Library

or, from your User Generated Content menu go to: Get UGC media

3️⃣ Complete the verification process

Once fully authenticated when you click on the UGC Tab you will be presented with all of the media that has mentioned you with your @brandhandle in their caption on Instagram. The media from tagged, @mentioned and #hashtagged posts will be captured on a forward ongoing basis. Some older posts that predate your UGC connection may show. Turning these posts into shoppable media will automatically apply the appropriate accreditation to the original creator with each post.

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