What are UGC campaigns?

Reward customers for mentioning your brand to their followers on their own Instagram feeds and turn their followers into buyers.

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Engage customers to generate content about your brand and turn their followers into buyers on Instagram

UGC Campaigns lets you:

✓ Grow sales via your customers’ followers on their Instagram
✓ Reward them for mentioning your brand to their followers
✓ Reach more like-minded customers
✓ Turn their followers into buyers
✓ Develop an instant emotional connection with your brand
✓ Increase Average Order Value (AOV)
✓ Encourage Repeat Purchases
✓ Reduce your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
✓ Track sales and deepen relationships with top performers
✓ Convince buyers to try your products using Social Proof
✓ Capture more visitors' emails and grow your email database
✓ Scale your Instagram presence through other people's feeds
✓ Get a win-win solution that benefits both existing and new customers

We believe that everyone has influence.

The UGC campaigns pop-up allows brands to generate Word of Mouth at scale.
It's social customer acquisition via customers and their friends.

UGC campaigns allow any brand to amplify its customers' goodwill.

Grow and nurture a community of advocates - this is how it works:

Customers get a small reward for sharing their email and Instagram handle

...and another big reward for mentioning your @brand to their followers on their Instagram feed.

Sauce automatically detects when a customer has created a post or a video that mentions your @brand to their followers and sends them a coupon code that they can redeem in your store

Rewards are fully customisable by you. Set the size of the reward against which of your products they can be used for.

In your UGC Campaigns dashboard, you will be able to see who are your top advocates at a glance and re-target their influence with new rewards and scale your Instagram presence, grow followers and sales via other people's Instagram feeds.

Capture more visitors' emails and grow your email marketing database.

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