What is Sauce?

Sauce Social Commerce is a Social Marketing Cloud that helps brands reach and convert new customers on Instagram.

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Sauce provides simple tools for brands, Influencers, and agencies helping them reach more customers on social, turn them into fans that buy more, and tell their friends.

Sauce Social Commerce is a suite of deliberately simple tools comprising:

  1. Visual shopping:
    We provide you with simple tools that turn your social media content into social shopping experiences. Beautiful Shoppable Galleries, Shop the Look cards and Product Page Galleries turn heads and increase your customer purchase confidence, basket size, and sales.

  2. UGC - User Generated Content
    Who better to show off your brand than the customers who already love it? Capture new content for your brand from your most passionate advocates. Sauce tracks and identifies the best photos and videos your brand has been tagged in and turns them into shoppable Social Proof in your store. Increase purchase confidence across your entire sales funnel and optimize sales conversions and basket size.

  3. Influencer+
    Know who to pick for your brand and how much they are worth. Sauce helps you turn Influencer Marketing into a powerful marketing and sales channel with measurable ROI to prove it. Using a highly quantified approach for live talent selections you'll discover specialist tastemakers and thought leaders with audiences in Natural Skincare, PC Gaming, Parenting, Romantic Travel, Biohacking, Street Style Fashion, and hundreds of other verticals, however, niche, mapped out using our Reputation Index.

    If you are a brand or an agency running Influencer campaigns this suite of simple but sophisticated self-serve tools allows you to gain deep insights into competitors, and accurately know how to pick talent and how much to pay them. Sauce provides a highly quantified approach to determining brand compatibility in Influencer selections and tracking and attribution tools for your campaigns.

  4. Brand Partnerships
    We take on innovative clients looking to increase sales and exposure through social. As a Facebook and Instagram partner, we offer full-service creative, strategy, and execution in line with our full technology offering. Projects we take on span FMCG, F&B, Health & Nutrition, and Technology. We help brands reach new customers, increasing their share of voice and optimizing their sales conversions. All projects are tracked using pre-agreed client and channel-specific KPIs to maximize ROI.

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  • Find new audiences

  • Raise brand and product awareness

  • Identify new brand-compatible tastemakers

  • Build customers at the top of the sales funnel

  • Optimize conversions via social proof & social shopping

  • Increase basket size

  • Prove ROI

Find new audiences

Discover Influencers that index well for your brand and have strong reputations for the audience interests that match with your product scope and brand voice.

Qualify influencers

Get to know your Influencers by their reputation and how other people are talking about them. Compare the strength of their engagement and know what to expect when they post content about your brand.

Whether you're gifting or paying Influencers, knowing what they are worth is key to maximizing your ROI. Sauce compares similar influencers to determine their relative value.

Turn your Influencer's content into visual shopping experiences in your store.

Tag products in your own photos and videos and the media created by your fans and influencers. Turn this content into beautiful Shoppable Galleries, Product Page Galleries, and Shop the Look Cards that increase basket size and your store's sales conversion rate.

Bring in unboxing and product demos and turn videos into shoppable media

Shop the look cards allow you to cross-promote "Complete the Look" complimentary products and increase basket size.

Using high Reputation Indexers to find new audiences and inserting them into the product funnel to increase conversions with get the look and product demos

Check out How to Sign into Instagram article for the first step to get up and running. Get in touch with your dedicated support team if you have any questions :)

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