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What is Visual Shopping?
What is Visual Shopping?

Visual Shopping gives your followers one-click Impulse Purchasing Power

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Visual shopping transforms any Instagram feed into Dynamic Shoppable Galleries that have incredible thumb-stopping power, increasing basket size and boosting sales by giving your customers Shopper Confidence.

The Visual Shopping suite provides you with simple tools that turn your social media into eCommerce Social Shopping Experiences.

Sauce's shoppable galleries keep your customers engaged by bringing your brand to life through visual inspiration and product discovery.

3 Shoppable Gallery types with endless customisation:

Use all 3 like this:

1. Shoppable Galleries

Add social galleries on your home page, in product page galleries, as lookbooks and 'Insta shop' pages. Sauce's social shopping raises your conversion funnel to a new level. Instant setup. Fully customisable. Trackable all the way to the checkout.

2. Product Page Galleries

Optimise conversions with Social Proof in your Product template.

Fits perfectly on every Product Page. Works with any product. Let your customers imagine your products beyond the screen. Product Page Galleries lets you join forces with your best fans and influencers to automatically show your customers how your product looks and feels right there on your product screen. New photos and looks arriving all the time.

3. Shop the Look Cards

Give your customers shoppable images on Blogs, Editorials & Inspo Pages. Pictures that redefine pictures. Embed your shoppable look cards in the places you wish you had a cart. Turn blog articles, editorials, Inspo pages, and lookbooks into a branded shopping experience. Every photo interaction is tracked so that you get to learn more about the looks behind your sales.

More than 163K brands worldwide are currently using Sauce to make their social sell anywhere on their site.

See examples and learn more.

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