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How to start a People Power Campaign?
How to start a People Power Campaign?

Kickstart a lean Instagram strategy that rewards customers for mentioning your brand to their followers on their own Instagram feeds

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Who better to spread the word about your brand than your customers?
Engage them to turn their followers into buyers on Instagram

People Power Campaigns lets you grow your sales via your existing customers’ followers on their Instagram. Reward them and new visitors for promoting your brand to their followers and scale your Instagram presence via their Instagram feeds.

The People Power card can be used anywhere on your shop.
The People Power Card captures:

  1. Your customer's / visitor's email

  2. Their Instagram @username

Rewards are sent to the participant's email upon:
a. Reward 1: (optional) capturing their email (e.g. 10% off on their next purchase)
b. Reward 2: when they post an image or a video mentioning your @brand to their followers on their Instagram feed (e.g. 20% off on their next purchase)

You can fully customise the way your coupons work and the products they are applicable to.

To set up your People Power Campaign:

Step 1. - 

Login to your Sauce dashboard...
From your Sauce menu go to > Campaigns > People Power Campaigns
In the Campaigns list page click the button [+ New Campaign] to start a new campaign

Step 2. - Setting up your campaign

You'll find a toolbar on the left-hand side which allows you to customize the People Power Campaigns Card which you can embed on your home page, product pages, or the thank you page of your website.

The customisable options include -

  • Campaign Status
    This toggle (which by default is set to 'Draft') is used to activate your People Power Campaign. To set it to 'Live' make sure to have added your coupon codes to your campaign and toggle your campaign from 'Draft' mode to 'Live', then click on 'Save Changes.

  • Copy Campaign Pop-up code
    Once you have 'Saved Changes' and your Campaign is set to 'Live' your embed code for your customized People Power Card will appear here. Copy and paste this code into your website.
    If you need help with this step? - Message us here.

  • Campaign @Mention
    This is automatically set to your Instagram @username. Sauce will automatically detect when a customer has posted an image or video that contains your @username in their caption text

  • Require Hashtag
    This is set to on (green) by default as ideally, you should require your customers to include both your brand @username + and a #hashtag in their caption text
    You can change the toggle to off (grey) if you do not want to have a #hashtag associated with the campaign

  • Campaign #Hashtag (top tip!)
    The best People Power Campaigns are the ones that inspire your customers to be part of a bigger movement e.g. #savetheplanet, #saynotoplastic, #sweatlife, #doingthings #letthembekids, etc. Your choice of #hashtag does not have to be unique to your brand and can also appear on other campaigns you are running at the same time.

  • Email rewards
    This option lets you reward your customers for providing you with their email address (this can substitute other email capture rewards you may be using)

  • Instagram rewards
    This reward is automatically sent to the customer once they have posted on their own Instagram feed. The post must mention your brand's @username (plus an optional #hashtag in the caption text) for the reward to be valid. Posts that have mentioned your brand in the past will not be counted.

  • Appearance
    Get the look you want. Customise your embeddable People Power Card to fit in with your brand's 'Call to action' using the forms in this column. Preview your changes on the right hand side. The text here is the one that your customer will read on your People Power Card. Make sure to ask them to mention your brand's @username in their caption text together with a #hashtag of your choice (optional)

here's an example:

  • Call to action
    Customise your call to action here to fit with your brand's tone of voice
    - Share it to get it!
    - Give us your best shot!
    - Join us

  • Body Text
    This text explains the incentive your customer will receive alongside any other message you would like to share.
    For best effect use this text to emphasise the incentive provided to the participant e.g.
    Get 10% off coupon sent to your email now and 25% off coupon when you mention @brand #styleme in your Insta caption for you and a friend.

  • 'Thank you' message
    this is the message that your customers see once they have filled the form

  • Email Rewards
    This is where you add coupon codes that will be auto emailed to customers when they share their email address.
    Please note that all coupon parameters are set by you via your store.
    Coupon code can be entered manually here or batch uploaded via a .CSV file

  • Instagram Rewards
    This is where you add coupon codes that will be auto emailed to customers when they upload a post to their Instagram mentioning your brand's @username and #hashtag in their caption.

    Please note that all coupon parameters are set by you via your store.Coupon code can be entered manually here or batch uploaded via a .CSV file
    Please ensure that coupons are included before setting your campaign to live.

  • Signup E-mail
    This is the email message visitors will receive in their email (on completion of the campaign sign up via the People Power Campaign card).

  • Instagram post-E-mail
    his is the message visitors will receive in their email after they mention your brand's @username in the caption text of their post, video, or carousel in their Instagram feed

  • Send Email preview
    A preview email will be sent to your registered Sauce email on Sauce.
    (this is the email you used to sign up to Sauce)

  • Store URL
    Add a link to your shop so that your customers can click through on their email to your store, start shopping and apply their coupon code at the checkout. Your participants can click this link from their email i.e.

  • Save Changes
    When you're done editing your campaign click 'Save Changes'

The right hand side of your dashboard will show you a preview of the People Power Campaign card representing what your customers and visitors will see.

Step 3. - Going live!

Once you have completed customizing your People Power Campaign card set it 'live' mode by clicking on the toggle on the top.

Need help setting up your first People Power Campaign?
We’re here to help.


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