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#beatcovid19 People Power Campaign tips
#beatcovid19 People Power Campaign tips

Tips and copy suggestions to help you get started with a #beatcovid19 People Power Campaign campaign.

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Now that social distancing is in full effect, you might be wondering what’s next for your business. 

And while it’s not exactly business as usual these days, here at Sauce we've created a new little widget that can support your business via social to help #beatcovid19

In your Sauce dashboard click on People Power Campaigns and get started

People Power Campaigns lets you reward customers for joining your newsletter and/or mentioning your brand to their followers on their own Instagram feeds

It starts with a custom widget that shows up on your ‘homepage’ or the ‘thank you’ page:

It works because everyone has influence

Social proof increases conversions based on the influence of happy customers. People Power Campaigns is a new way for you to generate that influence at scale via word of mouth on Instagram. We built People Power Campaigns to allow any brand to amplify their customers’ goodwill and right now that’s a powerful way many of them would be willing and happy to help you #beatcovid19.

How does it work?

Customers coming to your website will see a little widget on your homepage asking them to help you #beatcovid19. They’ll get a small reward (e.g. a 10% off coupon) for sharing their email and another big reward for mentioning your brand to their followers (e.g. a 20% off coupon). You get to know your top advocates and reach new audiences via their followers. The Sauce widget handles the entire process including tracking and reporting on the sales generated.

What do you need to do?

Just add the People Power Widget to your ‘homepage’ or the ‘thank you’ page and voila’!

Here are some header and CTA examples to help you get started with your campaign reach out:

Reach out email text:

Hi {firstname},

I am reaching out to all our customers hoping to find your support in these strange and difficult times. As a thank you we will be rewarding anyone whom might be willing to mention @brandusername to their network of friends on Instagram.

Grateful that this is a way for us to engage potential new customers and keep our business going, you will receive 10% off for joining us in the fight to #beatcovid19 and a further -25% off for you and your friends on any purchase you make. Coupons will be emailed to you when you tag us in your Instagram captions...

To help us #beatcovid19 click this link [] and sign up with your email and Instagram @username using the special pop up widget provided. You will receive a 10% off coupon sent immediately to your email and another 25% off when you upload an image to your Instagram that tags us @yourbrandusername in your caption.

Now it's up to you,

Immensely Grateful for being there for us!

Stay safe,
[Your name}

Widget header:

Help us #beatcovid19

Button text:

As a thank you you'll also get 25% off on your next order for you and a friend

Widget body text

Get 10% off coupon sent to your email now and 25% off coupon for you and a friend when you mention @yourbrandusername #{HASHTAG} in your Insta caption.

Get started with a People Power Campaign

To find out more or if you need my help to try it out ping me or the team a message from your dashboard and I'll do my best to help you get set up and started.

Stay safe,

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