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People Power Campaigns - FAQs

Jumpstart your social reach. Grow sales via your customers' own Instagram feeds to turn their followers into buyers.

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What are People Power Campaigns?

People Power campaigns let you boost your sales via happy customers who mention your brand to all their followers on Instagram.

Does the campaign widget capture customer's & website visitors' emails?

Yes, the embeddable campaign card allows you to capture your visitors' emails (you can optionally offer a small reward in return e.g. -10% off their next purchase). The card then encourages them to create an Instagram post that mentions and links to your brand @username to all their followers for a larger reward (e.g. 20% off on their next purchase).

How do I create the coupons to send to customers that join the People Power Campaign Sauce card?

All coupons can be generated and configured by you via your store. Coupon parameters (e.g. value, expiry, how many times they can be redeemed, etc.) are set by you via your store. For maximum impact on sales growth, we recommend that coupons are made to be redeemable up to 5 times giving the opportunity for customers to share them with their friends.

How do I attribute the sales generated to each visitor?

The coupons you create are unique. This means that Sauce can attribute the orders generated from each coupon back to the person and the photo that inspired the purchase. You'll get to know your top performers and the most purchase-effective content they generate.

Where can I embed the People Power Campaign card?

The People Power campaign widget can be installed on different parts of your website e.g Homepage, Thank you page, Shop Instagram page, etc.
View here How to start a People Power Campaign 

Can I create multiple People Power campaigns?

Yes, you can have multiple campaigns that run at the same time as long as each campaign uses a different #hashtag. Sauce will not allow you to use a hashtag that has been used previously in another campaign.

You can see which campaigns you have created and also which ones are live within the campaign summary page in your dashboard.

How many times can a coupon sent to my customers be used?

It's up to you.
You can create and configure your coupon parameters directly in your store.
If your website is with Shopify or WooCommerce you can refer to our guides on how to batch-create coupon codes:
How to create coupons - Shopify
How to create coupons - WooCommerce

How do I stop a campaign?

When your campaign has ended or you would like to stop sending out coupons, go to the campaign page to see all of your created campaigns. Change the status of the campaign from 'Live' to 'Draft'.

How many coupons do my customers receive?

All customers/visitors that join the People Power Campaign via the Sauce card will get either 1 or 2 coupons depending on how you set up your campaign:

  • A coupon for their email
    (That's the optional 'Email Reward' you have set up in your dashboard)

  • A coupon for their Instagram posts that mentions your brand @username
    Once they sign up via the embeddable card post to their Instagram feed mentioning @yourbrandname they will receive another higher value coupon (That's the 'Instagram Reward' you have set up in your dashboard) 

Is the data collected in accordance with the new European GDPR rules?

Yes, absolutely Sauce collects data in accordance with European GDPR rules

Will I have access to the email of the customers/visitors?

Yes, in your back office you will be able to see both the emails and the Instagram accounts of all your campaign participants

Can the campaign participant get a different incentive depending on their engagement? 

Each participant will get the same incentive within the campaign, depending on the parameters you have set for the 'Email Rewards' and for the 'Instagram Rewards' in your online store.

You can reach out to the participants who have had the highest engagement to request images for future campaigns or potential collaborations. 

You may have just uncovered the next micro influencer!  

What's the difference between People Power Campaigns and a traditional referral programme? 

The difference is in the scale potential of reaching new customers. Most referral programs encourages customers to refer a friend in order to receive an incentive. This means that your customer base potentially grows by one customer at a time if every customer refers 1 friend.

People Power Campaigns rewards visitors and customers for reaching a much wider audience i.e. all of their followers. For example, if a customer has a 60 followers on Instagram (typically composed of friends and family) that's a 60x times more reach than a traditional 1 to 1 referral scheme.

How do I capture the content my customers are creating?

Not only does the campaign help grow sales and your email customer base, it also builds a large library of photo and video content that your customers have created featuring your brand that you can curate and repurpose as Social Proof on your website. See Product Page Galleries and Shoppable feeds.

People power is a flexible solution allowing you to run multiple types of campaigns and incentivize your customers with something that they are interested in.  

When do you stop tracking a campaign?

  • Sauce will start tracking a campaign as soon as it is made live. We will automatically detect all posts of customers that have joined via the Sauce card and that have mentioned your brand's @username in their posted captions. 

  • When a participant has joined the campaign, Sauce will look out for a post from that participant for 30 days. Sauce also sends a reminder 7 days after they have joined the campaign. 

  • After 30 days, Sauce stops looking for a post on that participant's Instagram account.

  • Once a post is detected on the participant's Instagram feed, Sauce will reset the clock and then look for any additional posts for a further 30 days.

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