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How to start an Influencer Campaign
How to start an Influencer Campaign

A step by step guide on how to kickstart and track an Influencer campaign.

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Influencers are one of the most effective marketing tools a brand can leverage to promote awareness, customer loyalty and drive traffic. Learn how to kickstart and track an Influencer Campaign. 

Step 1.

From the Sauce navigation bar, go to > Campaigns > Influencer Campaigns. Note that if you do not see this option, reach out to us at support and tell us you're interested ✨

Step 2. Setting up your campaign

On the left of the screen, click to 'Start a new campaign'

You'll be presented with a dashboard as in the image below where you need to insert your influencer campaign parameters:

  • Campaign #Hashtag - pick a # of your choice for your campaign. Your chosen #hashtag does not have to be unique to your brand and can also appear on other campaigns you are running at the same time.

  • Campaign @Mention - This is automatically set to your @instagramhandle as that is how Sauce tracks the campaign with both the @instahandle and the #hashtag set.

The influencer must use as a text in their caption the @brandnamemention and #hashtag for the campaign to be tracked and reported on (e.g. @bulgariparfums #chooseyourtreat)

Step 3. 

Click on Create Campaign to create your campaign

Step 4. Adding participants to the campaign

Once the campaign has been created you need to add the list of influencers that you want to track. There are two ways you can add participants:

1/. Via CSV file

If you already have a list of influencers you might want to add them via CSV. 

2/. Add participants manually

Alternatively, you can upload them manually by entering their Instagram handle in the search box. eg. @majamalnar

Once you have found the influencer you wish to add click on Add participant and fill in the details. The mandatory fields are their Full Name and Email all the others are optional.

  • Full Name - add here the full name of the influencer

  • Email - insert influencer email. Influencer's emails are usually found on their Instagram profile and in Sauce Discover

  • Add their fees - enter here the influencer fee and track your ROI and CPE 

  • Gift them a personal coupon to be used for themselves - add here the coupon that the influencer can use in your shop to redeem products. You will be able to see this in your store dashboard

  • Give them a coupon to be shared with their followers - give the influencer a personalised coupon eg. MAJA20 to share with their followers. Coupons and sales generated will be tracked as long as you have the Sauce conversion code correctly installed on your e-commerce store.

Step 5. Tracking and performance

The influencers will appear in a list like the one below:

Click on the campaign report to see how the campaign is performing.
More info on Campaign reports is here. 

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