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Influencer invite & the Ambassador Gateway: Getting started
Influencer invite & the Ambassador Gateway: Getting started

The Influencer invite and the Ambassador Gateway features allow you to invite specific Instagram Influencers to join your brand via Sauce.

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To see otherwise hidden data about the posts your Influencers are creating for your brand you must 'Invite' them directly via the 'Influencer invite' feature or have them join your brand's 'Ambassador Gateway' which can be done without an invite.

Once they accept your invitation you'll be able to gather more data about their posts, videos, and stories that mention your brand in their feed.

Note: this article assumes you have the 'Influencer invite' and 'Ambassador Gateway' features available. If you do not see these options in your menu - reach out to us and let us know you're running an Influencer campaign and are interested in tracking the activity including stories.

Influencer invites

The Influencer invites feature allows you to invite specific Instagram Influencers to join your brand via Sauce. Once the invited Influencer accepts the invite, you'll have the ability to view their Sauce Profile with more granular audience data.

When tracking a connected Influencer in an Influencer campaign using the 'Influencer Campaigns' feature more granular reporting including the tracking of stories can be included when reporting on Influencer activity:

  • Stories that mention your @brandusername will be tracked and the media will be archived as part of the campaign's 360º tracking capabilities.

  • Stories that mention your brand will have reach, impressions, and clicks accounted for

For brands running paid or gifting Influencer campaigns that wish to ensure that ROI is positive the Influencer invite or Ambassador Gateway is a new way to see an even more granular level of detail about your Influencer's audience and brand compatibility.

  • Audience countries

  • Audience cities

  • Daily follower growth

  • Hourly online followers

  • Reach metrics

  • Detailed Gender and Age demographics

Ambassador Gateway

The Ambassador Gateway is another way to allow Instagram users to connect with your brand with the intention to collaborate - by signing up directly, without an invite, via a public page that Sauce hosts for you. The public page is automatically branded with your own most engaging Instagram images. See below for an example of Sauce's own Influencer Gateway: live demo here.

Influencer marketing - Pro-Connect gateway

Your own Ambassador Gateway page can be found by clicking on the corresponding menu item from the Influencer+ menu in the top navigation:

From here, the Ambassador Gateway URL is designed to be linked to your own website or store, but can also be emailed or shared in a tweet for example.

What does the Influencer see when using the Influencer invite or Ambassador Gateway?

Once the Influencer visits your Sauce Ambassador Gateway, they will be prompted to connect to your @brand via the Sauce network (or log in if they already have a Sauce account). Here they provide their Instagram username, full name, and email. Upon hitting 'Continue' they are then briefed before being led to the 'Next Steps' which prompts them to connect to their Instagram account, via Facebook:

Influencer gateway flow - step 1

Influencer gateway - connect with Facebook

Once the Facebook connection is completed, the user is then able to enter their collaboration-related details, including their other social channels, agent details and set a password for their Sauce account:

Influencer gateway

Influencer gateway - add your other social channels
Influencer connection complete

At this point, the Influencer's experience is complete - and the details are now available within your Sauce backend, as we move on to now...

Viewing your Influencer invite or Pro-Connected Influencers

While in the Sauce back office, you can see the list of users who have signed up via the 'Connected Accounts' list. This can be found under the top-left account menu:

Here you'll see a list of all users, along with links to the details they've entered, and links to directly access their Sauce Influencer profile - where you'll be able to verify their data, gain powerful insights and determine the suitability of the Influencer based on their audience data and your brand compatibility criteria.

SNPT Influencer Marketing Pro-Connect

Influencer profile page on SNPT Discover

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