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Campaign email tear down
Campaign email tear down

In this article - a proven email template to up your game on open rates and clickthroughs

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Emails are like kindling for your campfire.
Writing the perfect email can make the difference between running successful campaigns or not giving them the chance to start. Seeing as your email sits at the very top of the campaign funnel getting your customers to open it and then clickthrough on the campaign link is everything. The emphasis on achieving these two simple actions can not be overstated and yet it is the part of the campaign that for most brands is the most problematic; and for all the wrong reasons.

With no fancy tricks, in this article we dissect and lay down the foundations of a good email that sets up the first stage of your campaign for performance.

Always remember the Rule of 1.

When you are writing email you should always follow the Rule of 1.
1 goal, one job per element and one-to-one style

  1. Every email should have 1 goal and 1 goal only
    in this case it is to join the #campaign you have created on Snapppt

  2. Every element in your email should have 1 job
    From email & name
    get people to look at the subject line.
    Subject line job
    get people to open your email
    The hook
    get people to read your body copy.
    • Body copy
    get people to desire your offering.
    • Call to action
    get people to click.

  3. Every email you write should be written as if you are communicating directly with one person and one person only. Always write your email with a one-to-one tone and style.

Email template using these principles:

To: Sarah
Why personalise the 'to' field?
Your recipient is more likely to open their email if they think it was sent specifically to them.

To: #firstname Lastname#

From: Guy Schragger
Why personalise the 'from' field (as opposed to doing what most brands to which is to show the company name?
In an age of anonymous advertising emails from real people are more likely to be thought of having a personal relevance. Gmail also categorizes email with no name as Promotions which goes straight into the recipient Promotions tab.

From: #Your name# at #YourCompany#

Subject line: re. your next order
Subject lines that are very short or very long lead to the highest open rates. The subject line should simply get the recipient's attention and invite them to open the email. Do not give away your entire offer in the subject line - give the subscriber just enough info to desire more. Try to stay clear of selling the promotion. Let the subject line take on the tone of a friend, nothing too sale-sy and ideally very casual.

Here are some examples of subject lines that work:

Subject lines:

- you ready to join?
- re. your next order
- let the adventure begin. But...

Body text:
The body text should be personal, speak directly to the person you are writing to and make the offer clear and attractive. Providing social proof using other user images reduces resistance and gives the participant an example they can mimic.
Keep the formatting of the email to plain text! 

...but first comes coffee!

Hello #firstname#, if you're like me you know that most things start btter with a coffee.

Join other Crukafers sharing their coffee moments by tagging your Instagram photo with @crukafe #coffeemoment and get -25% OFF your next order.

[Join #brand#!] BUTTON

Join us with your instagram and we’ll send you your coupon code when you upload your photo

#show 3 example images#

See below for what the final email should look like.

Wait a sec, "It's too simple, where's the fancy design?!" I hear you cry out in incredulous dismay.
Well, that's the deliberate intention.
In a world of brand blindness who needs another walking / email advert?

Run with it and keep an eye on your:
Open rates - the number of people who open your email
Click through rates - the number of people who click the link in your email

Assuming 'People Power campaigns' are part of your new customer acquisition strategy share your email open and click through results with us and we can try to find the time to help drill further to getting better performance out of your campaigns.

Pro tip:

The best campaigns inspire action out of a sense of belonging to a movement or a wider community that shares a common vision or sentiment. Think of your call to action as a way of involving your audience to share their experience with each other.

Framework to identify the call to action:

  1. Pain
    Identify the pain point your product solves and turn it into an action. e.g. #fightingcancertogether #cancerhasnocolor #stayconnected #metoo

  2. Aspiration
    Identify an aspirational objective the audience may have i.e. getting fit, losing weight, seeing the world, eating healthy e.g. #sweatlife #bigeyes #fitforlife #ohmyWales

  3. Cause
    Identify a cause i.e. saving the planet, reducing crime, making cities cyclable, curing diabetes e.g. #cycleLondon #zerocarbon #doingthings

  4. Me too experience
    Identify a subtle common experience that may spur your audience to identify as a "me too". i.e. the battle of applying sunscreen to your kids, a preferred typeface in design, purple lips when swimming in open water e.g. #sunscreenvictories #futura #purplelips #shiverlips

Here's another example email that taps into the concepts discussed above:

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