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Making the most of your Instagram Bio
Making the most of your Instagram Bio

5 Killer tips for an eye catching, follow worthy Instagram Bio!

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Instagram Tips

Your Instagram bio is essentially the first introduction of yourself or your products to all visitors that come across your page!👋
Having a stand out bio can make all the difference. Your bio should clearly state who you are and what you’re selling, always think of those who don’t know who you are- you must use your brands voice to tell this short story. If the visitor can’t distinguish your product within the first couple of seconds⏰ they are less likely to scroll down through the content.
You only have 150 characters to engage the audience, #usethemwisely💡

1. Bio must be relatable. Adding your personality is crucial for follower engagement. Instagram is free global advertisement- identify your niche market + always convey what makes you unique.  Use targeted language which reaffirms that your audience is on the right page. Think of the most important 2-3 words that describe your brand- that should be the jump off point. You need everyone to see your bio and think "I definitely need to follow"✨
Net a Porter sticks to their sleek brand aesthetic by keeping their description short & on brand. Leave no room for interpretation! 

2. Incorporate hashtags#️⃣->Create a custom hashtag which you will be recognized for. Give a Call to Action - if someone is using your products- have them tag you, this creates a buzz around your brand. When your products are tagged this creates a funnel for others to search through. *Reminder: hashtags are only clickable on a desktop👎 - they are in place for brand following/awareness*
Public Desire includes #PDBAE- they will feature you on their social media platforms, it's a way to gain access into your cliental and brand exposure.

3. Target your niche audience-> You have a fanbase because people enjoy your brand. Putting emphasis on key words which solidify their love for the brand allows for further engagement. It also separate your brand from the rest.
Tarte Cosmetics
does this well - they know their prime demographic uses their products in part because of their natural components. By adding Cruelty Free into their description - it sets them apart from other cosmetic lines which don't put emphasis on their ingredients. 

4. Use emojis😁-> With only 150 characters - a fun way to have to your bio standout is to use Emojis- a picture is worth a thousand words, right? You create a brand persona based on the emojis you choose- ex: 📍 for location, ✉️for email.
Asos does this very well,
if you have more than one account assosiated to your brand, using the account with the most followers, and engagement is the perfect platform to highlight the others. Even if you aren’t familiar with @asos_looped- the shoe emoji indicates it must be footwear. 

5. Incorporating a clickable link-> your bio is the only place on Instagram where this is possible. This can be a website, blog page, shoppable page etc. Fashion Influencer, Chiara Ferragni clearly showcases her custom hashtag along with her shoppable link. She understands her niche market is fashion - people want to emulate her style. She makes her shoppable experience as seamless as possible. By adding a link to your online shop, the customer has a hassle free experience. If you've written a blogpost, linking the post guarantees views as people won't be wasting time going through your entire site.  

Your Instagram bio is prime real estate to showcase what your brand is. Be it personal or professional - you choose what people will take away from your page! With endless emojis and special characters that you are able to control, you have the ability to grow your following based on 150 characters!

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