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How to increase your shoppers’ basket size
How to increase your shoppers’ basket size
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If you're reading this guide it’s because you're already using Sauce or curious about how Visual Shopping and UGC can assist in optimising your sales funnels, customer retention, and basket size.

The most common Visual Shopping integration is on the home page. Brands tend to display their shoppable galleries at the bottom of their homepage as a nice way to keep their site fresh.

Therein lies your first optimisation:

Rule #1. - Design for retention

Keep customers on *your* site.
The most common oversight we see play out across thousands of brands is to use the header above the gallery to take the customer away from your site!
It often reads like this:

Discover your favourite styles and share your own

Linking away from your site to Insta loses session focus and potentially the customer to other brands.

When your header links out to Instagram it risks losing the customer you've successfully brought (or advertised) to come to your site. Linking out of your site to Instagram will inevitability lose your customer's attention to a sea of distractions and other brands on Instagram (designed for just that purpose).

Do this instead!

Create a custom gallery on your own website, and filter its content using your own #hashtag. The gallery will show all your best content from your UGC, Influencers, fans, and customers. Sauce galleries are designed to keep your customers on your turf by providing a new source of social shopping and discovery. Interested in finding out more - This article explains how to set up a custom hashtag-filtered gallery.

The benefits are immediate including reduced bounce rates, increased time on site, improved SEO, and more opportunities to buy tagged items.

Here are 3 more Visual Shopping essentials for any fashion brand.

1. Your customers love your Instagram feed, give them a way to shop it on your site with a 'Shop Instagram' Page

Here is how jewellery brand Young Frank lets onsite customers 'Shop the feed' directly in its store. Note how the 'Shop Insta' page is accessible directly in the main navigation.

2. Consumers crave authenticity - engage with them using authentic and relatable content in your "AS SEEN ON" page

Consumers engage the most with authentic content that reflects a diverse community of happy customers. If you're already in the habit of capturing your UGC and Influencer content from across the globe and turning it into shoppable posts you can create an "AS SEEN ON" page that creates more authentic customer experiences that drive product discovery, higher lifetime value, and customer loyalty. - kudos goes out to @alohas for pulling this one off.

3. Integrate UGC customer content as social proof into your Product Page Galleries.

Turbo-charge your shopper confidence with #UGC content from fans, customers and Influencers that provides shoppers with Social Proof and inspires purchase.
Product Page Galleries are like a Shoppable Gallery, but tailored specifically to a particular product or item.

Let me show you how Alohas levelled up their product pages - with a little help from our Product Page Galleries.

Give shoppers the nudge they need with richly diverse photos and videos from happy customers.

Social proof is one of the most effective levers an e-commerce business has for building trust, and it has the potential to become even more powerful as you grow. Scale to any product page by tagging content with products.

Get the most out of Sauce by using Custom galleries to create your Shoppable Galleries for your Homepage, your Insta Shop Page, and Shoppable Lookbooks add your Insta Shop Page shop link in your IG bio and social proof into your Product Page Galleries.

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