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BigCommerce: installing Sauce Embed on your Homepage
BigCommerce: installing Sauce Embed on your Homepage
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Following these steps to boost your homepage with one of our Embeds. Note that this example assumes your BigCommerce Theme supports the Page Builder.

1️⃣ Grab the Sauce embed HTML code

Firstly, head into the 'Shoppable Galleries' section of Sauce (found under the 'Visual Shopping' navigation), and after customising your Gallery to your liking, click to copy the Embed code (which will later be pasted into your BigCommerce Theme):

2️⃣ Head into the Customize section for your current Theme

From your BigCommerce backoffice, click the Storefront link in the sidebar navigation, and then click through to the Themes section. From here, click on Customize to visit the Page Builder.

3️⃣ Drag a HTML widget to wherever on the Page you would like the Embed

Scroll to your desired location on rigth-hand homepage preview, and then drag the HTML widget from the sidebar, into one of the designated areas:

4️⃣ Paste your Sauce Embed code snippet into the HTML field

From the Sidebar settings that appear once you have placed your HTML widget, paste in the Sauce Embed code you copied earlier, and then click 'Save HTML' - you'll see the Preview update to display your Sauce Embed.

Now click to Save and Publish your theme, and you're done!

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