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Install your Shoppable Galleries Embed on your Shopify Home Page
Install your Shoppable Galleries Embed on your Shopify Home Page

Your homepage is the best place to show your Sauce shoppable gallery to your customers. Here we'll show you 2 methods you can do just that.

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This article applies to the following Sauce embeds:

  • Shoppable Gallery Embed

  • Live Instagram Feed

  • UGC Campaigns (if you want the Campaign widget on your homepage only)

Please browse our Other Shopify Articles for one which may better match the specific embed you are wanting to use if it is not intended for your homepage.

The first step is to copy the Sauce Embed Code for the embed you would like to use. Then, to install the code snippet into your Shopify Store, you have a choice of two methods:

  • Method 1: For when your Shopify Theme supports 'Sections'

  • Method 2: Modifying your Shopify Theme Home template file
    (for when your theme does not support 'Sections')

1️⃣ Copy your Sauce Embed Code

Start off by grabbing your Sauce Embed code, by copying it so that you are then ready to paste it into your Shopify store. The Sauce embed may be one of the following:

Shoppable Gallery Embed Code

Head into the 'Shoppable Galleries' section, select the Gallery you'd like to use, customize it as desired, and then click on 'Copy embed code:

Instagram Live Feed

Head into the 'Live Feed Galleries' section, customize the options if desired, then click on 'Copy embed code:

2️⃣ Install your Sauce Embed Code into your Shopify Store

Shopify Themes commonly use the concept of 'Sections', which in most cases allow you to easily add a custom HTML code snippet - your Sauce embed code in this case. For this, see method 1. If your theme does not support Sections or does not provide a 'Custom HTML' or 'Custom Liquid' block, see below for Method 2.

Important: Please record the exact steps you take here. These may vary between themes. Remembering the steps you take will come in handy if you later decide to remove the shoppable gallery embed. We do not provide support for specific themes.

➡️ Method 1: Shopify Theme supports 'Sections':

See the video above, for a step by-step to adding a Shoppable Gallery using a Shopify Theme Custom HTML or Custom Liquid Section. The same steps apply to the other Sauce embeds, just be sure to copy the intended code snippet from within Sauce.

Then, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the 'Online store' section of your Shopify back office and visit the 'Themes' section. Then click to 'Customize theme'

  2. From the Sections panel, click to 'Add section'.

  3. Select 'Custom HTML' or 'Custom Liquid' from the list of available sections, click 'Add' and then either replace or add your Sauce embed code. Note that 'Custom HTML' may appear as part of another section such as 'Custom content' - as shown below:

* Alternatively, if your theme allows you to specify a 'Page' to 'include in a section' of your homepage you can: Start by creating a Page containing your shoppable feed as described in this article - and then add that Page into a 'Section' of your homepage.

➡️ Method 2: Modifying the HTML for Homepage template (for when your Shopify Theme Homepage does not support Sections)

If your theme does not give you the option to include 'Pages' into Sections of your home page, or the ability to insert code snippets into sections of the homepage, then you can paste the Sauce shoppable galleries embed code into your home page template via your Advanced theme settings.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to be familiar with some basic HTML if you choose this method or ask your developer to do it for you. Record the exact steps you take, to help you in the event you later want to remove the Sauce embed. We do not provide support for Shopify theme code modification:

The exact steps may vary depending on your theme but will be very similar to:

  1. Go to the 'Online store' section of your Shopify back office and visit the 'Themes' section. 

  2. Click the 'Actions' button for your active theme, which reveals a dropdown. From here, select 'Edit code'

  3. Click to edit the index.liquid template, and paste your Sauce shoppable galleries embed code where you want it to appear, as shown in the screenshot above. If you are unsure of where to place the embed, try starting off with placing it at the very bottom, after any other content. 

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