Embedding your Sauce feed into a Magento page
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Using the Sauce Embed allows you to embed your curated Instagram feed into any page of your website. If you are wanting to insert your embed into a specific page of your Magento store, then follow these steps:

1) Head into the Pages section of your Magento backend

2) Click to edit the Page you would like to add your Sauce feed to

You can of course, choose to create a brand new page, in the scenario where you want to create a 'Shop our Instagram' page for example.

3) While editing the Page content - click the HTML button

This will reveal the 'HTML Source Editor' for the Page, showing the HTML code. It's here where you'll be able insert HTML code, which includes the Sauce embed

4) Paste your Sauce embed code into the HTML window

You can grab the embed code from the 'Shoppable Galleries' page of your Sauce backoffice, found under the 'Shop the feed' tab. Click Copy.

You'll then want to paste thiscode into the HTML window.Β 

Finally, before to click Update, and then Save Page. All done, you should now see your embed when viewing the page in your store πŸ‘


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