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Installing a Sauce embed
Manually embedding your Instagram feed into a Shopify page
Manually embedding your Instagram feed into a Shopify page

We recommend to use the Auto-install feature of Sauce to place your Sauce embed on your Shopify Page. Here's the manual approach if needed.

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Note: Sauce offers the ability to auto-install the embed into any page of your Shopify store, see the auto-install article for more information.

Here's a quick step-by-step video to show you how to copy your Sauce shoppable feed embed code from your Sauce account and embed it into your Shopify store.

This example creates a ‘Page’ that's used as an Instagram shop but you can embed your code pretty much anywhere. Pages, blog articles, headers, footers, and anywhere that supports HTML embeds - the world's your oyster!

Note: Video does not contain audio and is showing an older interface than we have currently, but the same steps remain.

How to change the width of your Instagram shop page?

See this article for instructions on changing the width of your Shopify Page.

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