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Embedding a Shoppable Instagram Gallery on SquareSpace with Sauce
Embedding a Shoppable Instagram Gallery on SquareSpace with Sauce

This tutorial guides you through choosing an embed style, configuring your gallery, and embedding the code on your SquareSpace site.

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Navigate the simplicity of embedding a shoppable Instagram gallery on your SquareSpace page using Sauce. This walkthrough covers adding a code block on SquareSpace, selecting and configuring your gallery in the Sauce dashboard, to finally embedding the code. Any edits post-embedding are auto-updated, no re-embed needed.

Hit play to enhance your eCommerce space with a dynamic, shoppable gallery now!

(Click here for the WooCommerce, BigCommerce, SupaDupa, and Etsy guides. If your store is not listed above you can still use Sauce, reach out to us if you need help with the installation.)

Step-by-Step Guide: Embed a Shoppable Instagram Gallery on SquareSpace with Sauce

In your SquareSpace editor:

SquareSpace Editor:

  • Add a 'Section' to your desired page.

  • Insert a 'Code' block.

Sauce Dashboard:

  • Go to Shoppable Galleries and select your gallery.

  • Configure your Gallery: Adjust on-page controls.

  • Remember that any edits will auto-update on SquareSpace

  • Copy the embed code

Go back to your SquareSpace Editor:

  • Paste the code you've just copied into the HTML section on your SquareSpace page.

  • Click to SAVE changes

  • Click to EXIT to Preview your changes:

  • Preview your Gallery:

Please feel free to share your experience with us - we're keen to hear how you get on. If you encounter any challenges, we're more than happy to assist. Should you wish, we can even arrange to access your back office and handle the setup on your behalf. Your ease in integration is our priority.

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