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Adding Sauce embed to a Wordpress Page
Adding Sauce embed to a Wordpress Page
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Your Wordpress website may be using the default Gutenburg editor, or a range of alternative page builders such as 'BeBuilder', 'WPBakery' or 'Elementor'. The process is similar for each, where you'll simply need to add a HTML block to the page, where you will paste the Gallery embed code snippet from Sauce. The following assumes you are using the default Wordpress page editor...

1. Copy your Sauce Embed snippet from the Shoppable Galleries page

2. Click to Edit or Add a new Page, then select 'Custom HTML' as the Block to add

You'll find it under the 'Widgets' category of blocks, but may find it easier to search for it using the input field provided.

4. Hit 'Update' and you're done!

Proceed to Preview your page and your Sauce embed should be displayed:

If you are using a hosted Wordpress website, you will not be able to use the Sauce embed code snippet without upgrading to their Business plan as described here.

How do I make this page my Homepage?

Wordpress supports the ability to use a specific page for your homepage. You'll find the options in the settings found at: Appearance > Customise > Homepage Settings. Under the 'Your homepage displays' heading, select 'A static page' and choose the page within which you have included your Sauce embed. Done πŸ‘

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