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Why is my Sauce embed not showing/working incorrectly?
Why is my Sauce embed not showing/working incorrectly?

What to do if your Sauce embed is not showing in your website

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The team here at Sauce is automatically notified when certain errors occur and promptly reacts. But, if you are having a problem with your Sauce embed, here are a few steps you can try:

1️⃣ Check that the issue is not temporary - by refreshing the page in a few minutes. Sauce is rapidly growing, and we are working quickly to ensure we are able to cope with increasing demand. As a platform, we're hard at work to iron out any kinks, so if you happen to spot an issue - please confirm it is one that persists before reaching out.

2️⃣ Ensure the Embed Code has been correctly installed - The code snippet needs to be inserted into the <body> of your page, it will not render if placed into the <head>. Once installed, View Page Source and ensure that the code snippet is indeed appearing in the expected position. If not, it'll likely be that you've saved the snippet to the wrong template file for example. You'll also want to ensure the snippet is rendered as HTML code, and not escape or treated as regular text. If you find that the Sauce embed snippet is not rendering, check that your Store setup is not filtering our Script Tags or empty elements.

3️⃣ Check that the embed preview is loading with your embeds page within your Sauce account. The preview should be loading at the very bottom of the page. If the preview is not loading here, then it rules out the issue of the embed conflicting with other components of your website. If your embed preview is not loading, it's likely we will be aware on working to resolve the matter - but if you are to reach out to us, please let us know if the issue is limited to one browser, and if possible, include any errors that appear in your browser console as described below.

4️⃣ Check that another component or plugin in your page is not conflicting with the Sauce embed - by either trying the embed on another page or temporarily disabling other components to narrow down the issue. There is a huge range of embeds and features your site may already have - from light boxes to email subscriber forms, to modal windows, etc and there is potential for the Sauce embed to be prevented from loading due to these. So please try the embed on another page, or try temporarily removing other components/plugins to discover where the conflict is - before reaching out and letting us know - we'll be sure to resolve the matter.

5️⃣ Check with another browser or device - to help narrow down the issue. Please try another browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari to discover if the problem only occurs in certain environments, compared to the Private/Incognito mode of your browser, and also check another device if possible. This could highlight a problem with a particular browser such as an extension you have installed that is blocking the embed for example.

6️⃣ Contact us with information to help you - Once you have helped narrow down the issue above, please do get in touch using the in-app messenger. Please be sure to include a link to the exact page where the problem is occurring, and if applicable, a screenshot so we can see exactly what you are seeing. If you are technically inclined, it would be very helpful if you can also include any errors that are displayed in your browser's console log', see this article for instructions on how to obtain them. Adding the debug=1 param to the URL of your page will also have the Sauce embed output further helpful information. Either way, do get in touch and we'll do our best to help!

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