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BigCommerce: installing the Product Page Gallery into your Theme
BigCommerce: installing the Product Page Gallery into your Theme
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Firstly, make sure you're up to speed on how Product Page Galleries work. Secondly, please note that the installation of the Product Page Gallery (PPG) requires modifying your Theme HTML templates. Please ensure you are comfortable with modifying code or working with someone who is as we are unable to provide technical support here given the huge amount of permutations in Themes.

1️⃣ Grab your Sauce Product Page Gallery Embed Code

Firstly, make sure you've tagged many Products in your Sauce items so that you've got content to display for your Products in your Store. Then head into the 'Product page galleries' section which you'll find within the 'Visual Shopping' navigation:

2️⃣ Make a Copy of your Theme (optional)

This step may not be required if you have previously made HTML changes. If not, then head into the Themes section (under Storefront within the Sidebar), and click Advanced and then click to Make a Copy:

3️⃣ Click to 'Edit Template Files' for the Theme

Once the new Theme is ready, click on the options icon (three dots) next to the title and click on 'Edit Theme Files', to head into the code editor:

5️⃣ Navigate to the Product Template

Now, as BigCommerce points out too, please note that modifying HTML code is 'advanced' customisation and one which we are unable to provide technical support for - so please ensure you are comfortable modifying code, and thus able to undo these steps if needed.

Navigate to the Product.html template by expanding the templates folder, and then click to launch this file into the editor:

4️⃣ Paste in your Sauce PPG Embed where you want it to appear

Now paste your Sauce PPG code into the section of the HTML code you want it to appear. This may require some experimentation depending on your specific theme, but you'll most likely want it to follow a product-view component or similar:

5️⃣ Save and Apply your changes

Finally, click to Save changes and Apply this newly copied Theme as your new Store Theme. Now visit any of your store's Product pages, and should there be any associated Sauce items (which have Product Tags pointing to this page), they should appear beneath the Product description in this case:

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