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Multi Store Galleries

Enable you to connect multiple stores with localises product tags

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For merchants that have a single Instagram account, but are selling products in multiple regions or currencies, on different domains. Multi-Store Galleries allow you to connect multiple stores with localised product tags. The result of this is similar to creating sub-accounts, where each account will share some aspects (such as your paid plan and UGC pool) but otherwise operate as its own curated and tagged Sauce feed.

Step 1

In your Dashboard click on 'Add another store' to create new Visual Shopping experiences with localised product prices and variations.

Step 2

Once you click on 'Add another store' give your additional store a name to create your additional account e.g. Snapppt Canada

Step 3

In your Profile Menu, you will be able to Switch to the store you have just created and others if you have multiple stores e.g. UK, US, Canada

Step 4

Once you have Switched to your other store the app will work in the same way as your main shop gallery. Make sure to click on "Connected accounts" and link your e-commerce store in there so that you will be able to use the live links for easy product tagging

Step 5

Head to your Media Library to add content from your Instagram account, UGC, or use the Upload option to create and curate the shoppable galleries you wish to see in your website.

With Multi Store Galleries you will be able to connect multiple stores with localised product tags.

Have a play with it!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us.

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