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Create multiple embeddable feeds based on hashtag filters
Create multiple embeddable feeds based on hashtag filters

How to create multiple displays filtered by hashtag.

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Ever wanted to display feeds with specific #hashtags?

With Hashtag filtering, you are able to use Sauce to create multiple embeddable widgets to use across your site. Each of these widgets can have a different design and most importantly different content. Sauce lets you do that in a few easy steps. 

Step 1

In your Sauce dashboard go into Shop the feed > Shoppable Galleries 

Step 2

Click on Gallery > Create custom gallery

A pop-up message will appear "What do you want to name the new Gallery?" please add the name of your new custom gallery. In this example, the name of the gallery is Women Gallery

Make sure to add in the box the #hashtag filter you want to filter images by.  All the images with that #hashtag will be automatically picked up and displayed. 

Step 3

Once you are happy with the gallery and you have customised it to match your brand style, copy and the paste the code of your new custom gallery on any page of your website where you want your shoppable gallery to appear.

Making content relevant to an audience makes it easier for them to relate to, decreases product risk, and brings them closer to purchasing the product. 

You can create as many custom galleries as you wish!

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