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Hashtag Filtering to create custom Shoppable Galleries
Hashtag Filtering to create custom Shoppable Galleries

You can create custom shoppable galleries to show only a subset of your media library e.g. leggings, shoes or a summer collection

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With #hashtag filters you can create multiple embeddable galleries that can be used across your website and landing pages. Each gallery can have its own layout and design settings and focus on the images and videos you want. e.g. a gallery for all your Spring/ Summer collection, a gallery made entirely of User Generated Content or a gallery showing the best from your latest Influencer ski trip to Zermat.

Getting started with hashtag filters:

Use your caption text as a way to include a hashtag you are going to use as the filter. This will create a pool of content that's 'marked' with the hashtag you are going to filter by.

Here's an example of the hashtag '#mvinsiders' used in the caption text. This will enable us to filter out any posts that do not contain that hashtag in our 'As Seen On Gallery'. (A gallery showing your products as worn by our brand ambassadors the 'Insiders')

You can add or remove hashtags when editing your media in your media library.

Let's now create the gallery that will show all the posts with that hashtag #mvinsiders.

In your main menu go to: Visual Shopping > Shoppable galleries.

  1. Start by 'Creating a New Gallery':

2. Turn on the 'Filter by hashtag' toggle and enter the hashtag you wish to filter your gallery by. This example show our #fitness hashtag

The result show on the right hand side:

3. Last step: Copy embed code

Copy the embed code for your new gallery and paste it into a section or new page on your website. Here's a recap of how to embed shoppable galleries in your store

Other examples:

#the upside



To see how to add hashtags to posts within your shoppable media take a look at this guide

You can also now create multiple galleries, meaning you can embed the most relevant content on each different page within your shop. 

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