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Curating Your Custom Galleries and Sauce TV Channels using #hashtags
Curating Your Custom Galleries and Sauce TV Channels using #hashtags

Read this straightforward guide to applying hashtags to your media, & learn how to use them to create custom galleries & Sauce TV channels.

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Utilising hashtags in shoppable galleries enables brands to dynamically curate content based on the hashtags applied. When a hashtag is appended to a photo or video's caption text, that piece of content becomes a part of a curated gallery that showcases all items tagged with the same hashtag.

This goes beyond simply streamlining the curation process for brands; it empowers them to construct bespoke galleries that echo distinct themes or collections. For example, a brand could craft a #WinterEssentials gallery to exhibit all its winter merchandise in a cohesive, thematic fashion. The dynamic curation enabled by hashtags paves the way for a more structured and visually engaging display of products. This, in turn, can enrich the overall shopping atmosphere, potentially elevating engagement and sales.

This is a step-by-step guide demonstrating how to apply hashtags to your media, followed by illustrating how these hashtags can be utilised to curate a personalised gallery and/or Sauce TV channel for integration on your website.

Curious about the possibilities with Hashtag filters?

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Arrange your TV channels using #hashtags, enabling customers to explore your products through how-to tutorials, 'Get Ready With Me' series, and customer testimonials.

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