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Connecting to your Instagram Professional account via Facebook with Sauce
Connecting to your Instagram Professional account via Facebook with Sauce

This guide shows you step by step how to authenticate your Sauce account with Facebook and your Instagram Professional account.

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Sauce provides a suite of Social Commerce and marketing features, some of which leverage the power of your Instagram Professional (creator/business) account. Certain features (e.g managing Instagram Product Tags) require that you specifically are a Instagram Business account.

Upon connecting to your Instagram account via Facebook, please ensure:

  • You are logged into the correct Instagram account at the time of connecting (the username must match your Sauce username)

  • That your Instagram account is already a Professional account (be it creator or business), and that it is connect to your Facebook Page

If you need any help here, please do reach out to us.

You will be prompted to fully connect during the sign-up process, but may need to do so again on occasion given that the access to Instagram from Sauce can expire. To unlock all features of Sauce, ALL requested permissions need to be enabled.

Having trouble connecting?

Verify your Facebook Page and Instagram account are connected

To use your Instagram account with Sauce, or any other platform, your Facebook Page and Instagram account need to be fully connected. Thus if you're having troubles connecting your Sauce account, please visit the Instagram settings for your Facebook page, where you should see something like the following:

If you are using the 'New Pages Experience' - you'll find this section under: "Linked accounts". If this section reports a need to 'Review connection' - or that your Instagram account is not yet connected - you'll need to resolve this before you can connect Sauce to your Instagram Professional account. Once you have resolved this at Facebook, please return to Sauce and re-connect, where all should run through smoothly.

Ensure all permissions are enabled at Facebook

A likely cause of the error is changing to your Sauce permissions settings on Facebook, either by yourself or one of the other users who may have a role on the Facebook page. If you are having trouble fully connecting with Sauce, or have found your connection to no longer be working, please try revisiting your Connected Accounts section, and clicking on 'Reconnect Facebook' as above, before ensuring all permissions are enabled as followed:

Now, from here you want to ensure that all the permissions listed are enabled - as if any are not enabled, you will be prompted to re-connect:

Finally, click 'Done' and then 'OK' to complete the process and to be sent back to Sauce to complete the process. You should now be fully connected. Any problems? Reach out to us at support and we'll do our best to get you up and running.

✋ Error: Your future off-Facebook activity (or off Meta technologies) is currently turned off

This error means that your Facebook account is configured with 'off-Facebook activity' disabled. This prevents other third parties (such as Sauce) from accessing the required data to power the features on the platform. To resolve the matter, please enter your Facebook 'Off-Facebook activity' settings and turn on the 'off-Facebook activity. For more information, please see the official Facebook article here.

Still needing help? 

Write to support and we'll look into the matter. Please include your Facebook ID when contacting us, which you can find out via this helpful website.

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