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How to use Sauce with a different Instagram account?
How to use Sauce with a different Instagram account?

How to switch to a different Instagram account

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note: if you have simply renamed your Instagram account and want to see your new username in Sauce too - then simply visit the Account Details section of your account and click to 'Refresh' your Instagram account.
Each Sauce account is tied to a single Instagram account. You are welcome to multiple Sauce accounts - one for each of your Instagram accounts. So, if you would like to use Sauce with a different Instagram account, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log out of Sauce via the menu which can be accessed via the Account navigation menu at the top right of your Sauce account

  2. Log out of Instagram
    โ€‹You can use this link to log out of Instagram

  3. Visit the Sauce Sign Up page, and fill out the form, entering the Instagram username of the account you'd now like to use with Sauce:

Note that you also have the option of simply logging into Sauce using a different browser (and then connecting with your second Instagram account) - or using a separate browser profile to keep the two Sauce/Instagram accounts separate.ย 

You should now be logged into Sauce with the correct Instagram account. Still stuck? Be sure to reach out and we'll be on hand to help!

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