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How to Connect Your Instagram Professional Account to Sauce via Facebook
How to Connect Your Instagram Professional Account to Sauce via Facebook

Connect your Instagram Professional to Sauce via Facebook, enable all permissions, and ensure 'Off-Facebook Activity' is on.

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Sauce offers Social Commerce and marketing tools that work with your Instagram Professional account. Some features, like managing Instagram Product Tags, require an Instagram Business account.

Before You Start

  1. Convert your Instagram to a Business or Creator account.

  2. Ensure your Instagram is linked to a Facebook Page, and you have the necessary permissions to manage it.

Connecting Your Account

  • During Sauce's sign-up process, you'll be asked to connect your accounts. This might need to be repeated occasionally as the access permissions can expire.

  • To fully use Sauce, enable all requested permissions, including 'Manage your business' if your Instagram is linked to a Meta business account (as noted in the official Instagram Graph API documentation).

How to connect your Instagram account to Sauce

Having trouble?

If connecting to your Instagram account from Sauce fails, try the following...

1️⃣ Confirm Facebook Page is connected to your Instagram account

Your Instagram account will need to be connected to a Facebook page. Confirm the connection by visiting your Page settings, within the 'Linked accounts' settings. If you see a prompt to 'review connection', please do so before retrying the connection from Sauce.

In the 'New Pages Experience', check under "Linked accounts". If it indicates that you need to 'Review connection' or that your Instagram is not connected, fix this first. After resolving it on Facebook, return to Sauce to reconnect, which should then proceed smoothly.

2️⃣ Confirm permissions within Facebook 'Business Integrations'

When previously connecting, you may have not approved permissions relating the account you are currently trying to connect to. Please visit the 'Business Integrations' section of your Facebook Settings and ensure you have approved all permissions.

Click to 'View and edit' for the Sauce entry, and you'll want to expand each section and ensure all toggles are enabled. As an alternative, you can click 'Remove' and then re-trigger the connection from Sauce, ensuring to approve all permissions for all accounts thie time around.

Seeing error: Off-Facebook Activity is Turned Off?

This error occurs because your Facebook account has the 'off-Facebook activity' setting disabled. This setting prevents third parties like Sauce from accessing data needed for their features. To fix this, go to your Facebook settings, find 'Off-Facebook activity', and enable it. For detailed instructions, refer to the official Facebook article.

Need More Help?

If issues continue, contact our support team and provide your Facebook ID. You can find your ID on this helpful website.

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