Using Coupon Codes in your Campaign

The low down on coupon codes within Sauce.

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Once you have created your coupon codes in your e-commerce platform we need to import them into Sauce. 

**You will need to add these coupon codes to your e-commerce platform to ensure that the customer receives their discount when they enter their code. You can not do this through Sauce.**

Show - shows the coupons you have uploaded (up to 20)
Add - Add coupons to the campaign. You can add one coupon per line.
Replace - Remove old coupons and replace them with new coupons.
Batch Upload - Upload a number of coupon codes via CSV.
Campaign Coupons - A rundown of the number of coupons that are available to use and the number of coupons already sent out.
Recycle Coupons - Ability to send the same coupons multiple times. Sauce will randomly cycle through the discount codes you have imported. This is an important feature to switch on if you are only using one coupon.
end Coupons - Ability to delay issuing the coupon to a later time or never

Adding one coupon

If you are only using one or a few coupons, click on Add and type in your Coupon Codes. 

Make sure that you turn on Recycle Coupons so that the coupon is reused and all of your customers can access their discount code. 

Adding in multiple coupons

You can either type in the coupon codes you have created or you can import them with a CSV file. Particularly useful when you have hundreds of coupon codes!

Create a spreadsheet and export it to CSV.
** IMPORTANT ** Make sure that there is only one column containing the coupon codes and ensure that there is no header. 

Once you have exported the CSV file, upload it into Sauce via the upload button. 

Once you have uploaded the file, Sauce will detect the number of coupons being added, prevent any duplicates and also give you the option to cancel the upload if you have made a mistake. 

Replacing coupons

By adding coupons in through the replace option, this will remove all unused previously added coupons and will import all of the new coupons. 

Here again, you have the option to type them in or add them via CSV.

In this example, the 4 coupons available will be removed and replaced by the 8 new coupons.

This is useful if you change your promotion and you need to update the coupons. If you find that users are misspelling the coupons, you have the option to update them. 

Replace is also used if you want to deactivate the campaign. Click on Replace, leave the coupon code box blank and click save changes. A pop-up will appear - 

After you click ok, all coupon codes will be removed.

Campaign Coupons

The Coupon Codes section can give you insight into how many coupons you have sent out to participants and also how many you have left to use. 

This will help you to identify if you need to create more coupons. Once all available coupons have been used, any future users who try to participate will not be able to enter.

Having the ability to Recycle Coupons is super useful when using limited numbers of coupons. One coupon will be sent out to multiple users in a random order so that you could use 5 coupons for 100 customers rather than creating 100 different coupons. 

Once you run the campaign , you will not be able to change this setting. You need to chose to either have one coupon code for multiple customers or keep them as individual coupons for individual customers. 

Let us know how you are getting on and always reach out to if you have any questions. 

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