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How does 'Show Hotspots' work?
How does 'Show Hotspots' work?

and why might the option be greyed out for you?

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Making your Sauce feed Shoppable involves adding Product Tags to your media, which appear as Hotspots in the expanded view when a media in your feed is clicked on. But in the case where you have just a single Product tag, what if you want to be able to go directly to the linked product page when the media is clicked on?

This is where the 'Show Hotspots' toggle comes in. When enabled, it switches to a mode where the expanded modal view of the media is bypassed, and thus a click on the media in your feed leads directly to the location of the single Product Tag destination.

As the option only applies when you have a single Product Tag, it will appear greyed out when you have more than one assigned to the Sauce media.

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