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Let customers, ahemmm... 'Add to Cart!'

We’ve talked User Generated Content a lot recently, but what about your cart? - it's time to move it one magical step closer to your customer. That critical decision tree in your customer's purchase journey just got quantifiably simpler.

Enabling Add to Cart

Your 'Shoppable Galleries' can be toggled to optionally include the Add to Cart functionality. Your lightbox 'Buy' buttons will transform to let customers add the items they are browsing directly into their basket.

Dynamic Product Variants?

If your products are configured with e.g. sizing or colour variations, the lightbox is automatically programmed to show them to the customer. If a size 10 is only available in yellow we've got you covered so that you'll never miss out on a sale.

Mobile First Experience

Capture impulse buying when your customer is on the move without compromise.

Designed for your Brand

Fully customisable, Add to Cart follows your brand customisation guidelines to a T - no code required.

...and critically you'll be tracking the uplift in sales in your Sauce dashboard by clicking on Media & Sales reports.

Don't miss out!
Enable Add to Cart for your shop.

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