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Can I use Sauce with my store?
Can I use Sauce with my store?
Not using one of our currently supported platforms? Not to worry
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As Sauce is based around linking your imported Instagram media to any webpage, this means you can use the service regardless of the e-commerce platform you are using. After all, the links are simply URLs and thus can be pointed to any webpage you choose.

Now, for certain e-commerce platforms, we provide the means to hook up your store, to make the process of linking up your products more easily. Once hooked up, you can look up your products by the product name, rather than having to copy and paste the URL to the product page for example.

Our supported e-commerce platforms can be found both in the Account Details section and the Apps page of your Sauce profile. If your store platform is not listed - feel free to reach out to us and request it, but know that you can still fully use Sauce by inserting URLs for your Hotlinks.

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