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Can I use Sauce with my store?
Can I use Sauce with my store?

Not using one of our currently supported platforms? Not to worry

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The short answer: given that Product Tags are ultimately URLs, and that our range of embeds are HTML and Javascript code snippets - Sauce can be used with any platform or website providing you have the means to add code snippets to your pages. For a little more detai on these two areas:

๐Ÿท๏ธ Product Tags

A key aspect to working with your media on Sauce is assigning Product Tags, which link customers to the product page for those related items. Our integrations, such as that with Shopify provides 'Live Links' where you can find products by name. The result of selecting a product is having the URL saved against your Sauce item.

So even without an integration, the same result can be achieved by simply copy and pasting the URL of your product page as the product tag on Sauce. Your product data will then be retrieved as per normal by our servers.

๐Ÿ–ผ๏ธ Sauce Embeds

The range of Embeds on Sauce (such as Product Page Galleries or Live Feeds) are all provided in the form of a HTML/Javascript embed which is intended to be installed into your store, wherever you want it to appear. Thus providing you have the means to paste the provided Embed codes into the theme or pages of your store (which the overwhelming majority of e-commerce platforms provide), then you can benefit from our tools.

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