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Setting up Groupie with Klaviyo
Setting up Groupie with Klaviyo

This article explains how to capture Instagram Usernames for Groupie on platforms other than Shopify.

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The Groupie feature of Sauce allows you to automate influencer marketing by activating your customers, influencers and fans. This feature integrates with Klaviyo email marketing, to push in data for your Klaviyo contacts such as Instagram Username, Followers and events such as when the contact mentions you in an Instagram Post. Here's how to get up and running:

1️⃣ Connect your Sauce account to your Klaviyo Account

This can be achieved in the Connected Accounts section of your Sauce backoffice. You'll need to grab the corresponding keys from the Developers section of your Klaviyo account. Upon clicking Connect, your Sauce Groupie campaign will be created and ready to receive recipients.

2️⃣ Add the Instagram Username field to your Order checkout page

The first step is to request the Instagram Username from your customer at some stage of the order process. This could be on the Customer Account registration page or the Cart page, as well as the Checkout form itself, which we generally recommend.

You'll need to work with your development team to achieve this, as the exact steps can vary depending on your setup. It's also a requirement that your setup supports receiving additional attributes for an Order, in order to then make them available to the Sauce conversion code.

3️⃣ Add additional fields to your Sauce conversion code

If you are using Shopify: your Sauce account will automatically receive the customer's Instagram username when an order is placed in your store, via webhooks. Thus, provided your have visited your Groupie campaign on Sauce and authorised the additional Shopify permisssions, you are now fully setup!

If you are not on Shopify, you'll need to modify the Sauce conversion code:

Having collected the Instagram Username from your customer at checkout, you'll now want to update your Sauce conversion code include this information. Each Groupie participant is identified by their Instagram Username and Email Address, so you'll want to add these two values to your conversion code, with the dynamic value for this data handled by your platform.

window.snapppt_instagram_username = 'INSTAGRAM_USERNAME';
window.snapppt_order_email = 'ORDER_EMAIL';

Note that INSTAGRAM_USERNAME and ORDER_EMAIL above are placeholders, which need to be set to the actual checkout data by your platform.

And that's it! With your Sauce account now connected to your Klaviyo account, your checkout collecting the Instagram Username, and your Sauce conversion side firing us the required data - you'll now see your Klaivyo profiles augmented with data from us - including the Instagram follower count and username.

Any questions? ping us a message.

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