Any shop owner wants to know which are their best performing Instagram images and which ones actually lead to real sales. 

This article explains  what you need to do to identify when and how a sale has been missed, see what's working for you and get to know your best commercially performing images from your Visual Shopping galleries.

Start by copying the tracking code from your Sauce dashboard:

1. From your Visual Shopping menu Go to > Add tracking code

2. Copy your tracking code by clicking on copy


Log in to your Shopify store's backoffice:

  1. Go to Settings > then Checkout


  2. Scroll down to the > 'Additional scripts' section 

  3. Paste the conversion code into the 'Post-purchase page' box.

    (If you already have content in the 'Post-purchase page' box, you should be able to paste the Sauce tracking code right after it without trouble.

4. Click to save your changes

Once you have successfully implemented your conversion tracking code your Sauce dashboard will allow you to follow performance metrics related back to your shoppable feed. Results will start appearing in your dashboard the day following the first order placed.

To see your performance

Go to: Visual Shopping menu > Media Sales reports

Your reports summaries appear as follows;

You can also see additional media reports from the left hand side:

Read more here about impressions and conversions

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