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Lightspeed: Tracking orders with the Sauce checkout conversion code
Lightspeed: Tracking orders with the Sauce checkout conversion code
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As covered in their 'Adding a web tracking code' article, Lightspeed allows you to add a conversion tracking code snippet to your 'thank you page'. This is where you can place the Sauce conversion code to track conversions and see the performance of your store and Sauce account. Get familiar with the article then carry out these steps:

1️⃣ Grab your Sauce conversion code

Head into the 'Conversion tracking' section by clicking "Add Tracking Code" from the "Visual Shopping" navigation dropdown. Then click to copy the "General Use" Sauce conversion code snippet.

2️⃣ Modify the Sauce conversion code snippet to use Lightspeed variables

Every platform uses different variable names when running the conversion code snippet, and Lightspeed is no different. You'll find the available variables (keys) that can be used in the same lightspeed article mentioned above.

Here is an example of a code snippet suitable for Lightspeed, although note that you need to change the Sauce account to match that from your own code snippet:

<!-- Snapppt order conversion code - be sure to replace the data placeholders with the corresponding tags for your platform -->
window.snapppt_order_number = '{{ order.information.number }}';
window.snapppt_order_total = '{{ order.information.price_incl }}';
window.snapppt_order_currency = '{{ order.information.currency }}';
// comma separated list of discount codes used on the order
window.snapppt_order_discount_codes = '{{ order.information.code }}';
window.snapppt_account = "CHANGE_THIS_TO_YOUR_SNPT_ACCOUNT_ID";
<script src="//" defer></script>

Now copy this updated code snippet, and head into your Lightspeed back office.

3️⃣ Enter your Sauce conversion code into your Lightspeed back office

From here you'll want to follow the instructions in the Lightspeed article. Head into the "Web Extras" section which you'll find in Settings > Website Settings section.

Paste into the "Tracking area", active the status, save changes, and you're done.

You should now start seeing data in your Sauce reports as your next orders come in. Reach out to us at support if further help is needed.

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